How to Play in Fortnite Mix Up Mondays Tournaments


Fortnite has a diverse esports system. It offers everything from major tournaments to daily small fun events. Somewhere in the middle of this competitive ecosystem are the Fortnite Mix Up Mondays events. These are a fun take on the standard cash cup which has taken off in the last few seasons. It’s a chance for players of all skill levels to compete, sometimes using completely unique rulesets.

Rather than just being the seasonal FNCS Majors, Epic runs a wide competitive system for Fortnite. Players are able to take part in regular events in-game just by heading to the compete tab. A weekly event this season so far has been the Fortnite Mix Up Mondays. These are weekly tournaments hosted on a Monday. What exactly is different about them though? Every week has its own twist.

Fortnite Mix Up Mondays

Source: Epic Games

What is Fortnite Mix Up Mondays?

Mix Up Mondays is a weekly tournament series that works simply. Players can jump in by queuing up into that public playlist. How does the tournament format run? There are a few parts of the tournament that are the same as the standard cash cups.

Players take part in a 3-hour session
Can play up to 10 games within the hour
Players need to have a Ranked score to take part
Final placement is decided by a wider leaderboard at the end of the season

The format of how you play is pretty standard to most in-game events. What’s different about Mix Up Mondays though is the scoring system.

Changing Scoring Week to Week

It wouldn’t be much of a “Mix up” event without variety on how the tournament runs. Every week is different!

Mostly, Epic keeps the same scoring for all Fortnite esports. Mix Up Mondays is a chance to experiment though. Some weeks there are more points for placement than kills. Others, there are different items. The rule sets will vary each week! When you’re jumping in, be sure to open up the scoring screen on the tournament tab to see how it’s changed for this week’s event. As it’s different every time, it can be tricky to stay on top.

Are There Prizes?

The big question with any Fortnite tournament is if there are prizes involved. While Epic has big prize pools for the FNCS and smaller prizes for the weekly cash cups. Mix Up Monday, at the moment, doesn’t offer any prizes. It’s more of a chance to test out your skills with fun rule sets.

Fortnite tournaments are open to more than just the best Fortnite players. Anyone can jump in! All you need to do is queue up into the right game mode when the tournament is starting, and see how you compare against other players.

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