Cloud9 and Heroic progress on PGL Major Copenhagen 2024 day two


After day two of the PGL Major Copenhagen 2024, we have our first teams qualified for the Elimination Stage, as well as the first few teams heading on the first plane out of Denmark.

Already so soon into the first CS2 Major, we’ve seen a ton of great plays on the server – here’s our review of all the key action from day two in Copenhagen.

Heroic and Cloud9 save our Pick’Ems

PGL Major Copenhagen 2024

Credit: Stephanie Lindgren | © PGL

Just like we predicted in our PGL Major Copenhagen 2024 Pick’ems, Heroic and Cloud9 came through as the 3:0 teams. With their places in the Elimination Stage secure, both teams can now watch on as the rest of the teams struggle through the lower brackets.

Heroic had an extremely tough draw in the 2:0 bracket, facing Eternal Fire in their final match. It was a confident performance from Heroic, who kept their cool in a clean sweep against Eternal Fire. It was sjuush who put on a true clinic for Heroic, going 36-32 across the entire series. Considering a few months back it looked as though Heroic might completely fall apart, it’s been some turnaround for kyxsan and his team.

Cloud9 faced a SAW team on an 11-match win streak, dating all the way back to mid-February. In this context, it’s impressive that Cloud9 managed to win 2:0, although SAW remained extremely competitive throughout. It was Perfecto‘s day to shine here, with the support player coming up huge in key moments for Cloud9.

The early leavers

PGL Major Copenhagen 2024

Credit: Joao Ferreira | © PGL

On the other side of the PGL Major Copenhagen 2024, you have AMKAL and Movistar KOI. These two have the unfortunate achievement of becoming the first-ever teams to crash out of a Major before their stickers are released. When the stickers do release, they’ll be a nice consolation.

AMKAL had a tough match in TheMongolZ, and to their credit, they did manage to take a map. Still, they definitely had chances to win the final map of Inferno, and they’ll be disappointed they couldn’t take them. With bLitz, mzinho, and 910 in top form for TheMongolZ, it was always going to be difficult.

Movistar KOI faced a FURIA roster in terrible form, and even then, it wasn’t close. The gulf in class between them and the Brazilians was clear in a devastating 2:0 series, dumping KOI out of the Major before their run had ever really begun. Realistically, they were always an outsider to progress, but this was still an extremely rough watch.

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