BetBoom Dacha Winter 2024 Playoffs Predictions: Who will come out on top?


The BetBoom Dacha Winter 2024 has wrapped up its exciting group stage, leaving us with the top teams aching for glory in the playoffs. Notably, this tournament has seen an intense competition with a few surprises along the way, reshaping the expectations of viewers and commentators alike.

Just before the group stage concluded, we got ourselves a four-way tiebreaker, settled by 1v1 matches between each team’s mid-player.

BetBoom Dacha Winter 2024 Group Stage Results (Image credit: FISSURE)

LGD Gaming vs BetBoom Team

Anyways, looking into the first Playoffs match, LGD literally fought nails and a persistent Stanislav “Malr1ne” Potorak for this match-up. Due to the unusual rule in the 1v1 tiebreaker, the match didn’t end at the 15-minute mark despite one side having a higher last hit.

Nevertheless, this is set to be a high-octane match between LGD Gaming and BetBoom Team. LGD, having consistently shown their prowess in recent tournaments, faces a formidable opponent in BetBoom Team. The team has outperformed many expectations to secure their spot in the playoffs.

LGD Gaming’s strategy and teamwork have been commendable throughout their early debut, making them a tough Chinese contender to beat. However, the BetBoom Team, emerging as the dark horse of the tournament, has demonstrated that they can hold their ground against the best, making this matchup an unpredictable one.

That said, LGD likely would choose BetBoom as their opponent any day over the other match-ups which are just monstrous in comparison.

Team Spirit vs Gaimin Gladiators

Next up, Team Spirit goes head-to-head with Gaimin Gladiators in what promises to be the El Clasico of the season. Team Spirit needs no introduction as the two-time champions, showing a solid understanding of the game’s current meta, and are really enjoying the game.

Gaimin Gladiators, on the other hand, have also been impressive, but are aching for a rematch ever since their International 2023 Grand Final encounter.

Both teams have a strong lineup, capable of executing complex strategies to outmaneuver their opponents. And while this matchup is too close to call, with both teams having the potential to dominate, we have to side with the repeat champion here, Team Spirit.

Xtreme Gaming vs Team Falcons

Xtreme Gaming will be facing off against Team Falcons, in a clash of prodigies that will be fascinating to watch. The Chinese powerhouse, featuring Wang “Ame” Chunyu, displays incredible aggression and even got high expectations from their rival, Team Spirit, throughout the tournament.

Meanwhile, Team Falcons hailing from the MENA region, has adopted a more calculated approach, focusing on late-game scaling. This, of course, comes from the mastermind, Jingjun “Sneyking” Wu, and coach, Kurtis “Aui_2000” Ling, who are notable TI Champions themselves.

This contrast in strategies will make for an epic battle. Both teams will look to impose their game plan on the other. Team Falcons’ ability to secure early leads could be the key to their success. Xtreme’s resilience and tactical patience, however, make them formidable opponents in the later stages of the game.

Team Liquid vs Azure Ray

Finally, Team Liquid faces off against Azure Ray, setting the stage for an intense confrontation. Team Liquid, with their wealth of experience and execution, are the favorites going into this match. However, Azure Ray have shown they are no pushovers, with several upset victories that have showcased their skill during the ESL One Kuala Lumpur 2023.

Azure Ray’s innovative drafts could pose significant challenges for Team Liquid. Nonetheless, Team Liquid’s proven track record and ability to perform under pressure make them likely to emerge victorious. However, they cannot afford to underestimate Azure Ray, whose unpredictability could very well lead to a surprise outcome.

The BetBoom Dacha Winter 2024 playoffs are set to be a battleground of strategy, delivery, and persistence to win. Each match presents a unique take by the teams involved, promising us an unforgettable experience for the million-dollar tournament.

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