The Best Wired Gaming Mouse in 2024


Nothing is more important than a good gaming mouse for the average PC gamer. There’s something special about finding that perfect peripheral that fits in the palm of your hand and allows you to hit your shots with surgical precision. If you’re in the market for the best wired gaming mouse 2024 has to offer, we’ve got some good news. Below, you’ll find a snapshot breakdown of the top wired gaming mice online. Let’s forget about wireless gaming mice for a second – this is all about those cables.

From lightning-fast reaction times to the best form factor, and from the brightest RGB to the smoothest glide, there’s a lot that people take into consideration when buying a mouse. For one of these devices to be classed as the best wired gaming mouse, they need to tick a lot of boxes. It’s a hugely competitive market, which can make it confusing for people trying to buy a new wired gaming mouse in 2024.

That’s where we come in.

Best Wired Gaming Mouse in 2024

Here’s our breakdown of the perfect gaming peripherals in 2024.

Logitech G502 X

best wired gaming mouse logitech g502

As one of the most instantly recognisable gaming mice on the market, the G502 has evolved over more than a decade to become a staple of the industry. The latest iteration – the G502 X – is the best wired gaming mouse in 2024. It’s a sleek and versatile device that lends itself to a wide range of hand sizes, boasting ergonomic features that make it a wonder to use for hours on end. It has a top-tier sensor that manages to beat out all competitors even at the highest DPI settings, and despite not having any RGB, it’s one of the best-looking gaming mice on the market.

With the Logitech G Hub software, the G502 X is a highly configurable mouse. It has 13 programmable buttons that are all easily reachable. It is a flawless mouse that can be used for an MMO, a shooter, or an open-world action game with the utmost ease.

Price: $70
Weight: 89g

Razer Naga X

razer naga x best wired gaming mouse

If you’re an MMO player who likes to dip in and out of other games from time to time, the Razer Naga X is one of the best gaming mouses money can buy. It’s designed to be as versatile as physically possible, boasting a massive 16 programmable buttons on an RGB-backlit, easy-to-use keypad. It’s not the lightest mouse on the market but it’s not designed to be – this is a heavier, tougher mouse that’ll keep you gaming for hours on end in relative comfort.

Price: $79
Weight: 85g
RGB: Yes

Corsair Katar Pro XT

best wired mouse katar

As one of the best budget gaming mice in the business, the Corsair Katar Pro XT is a top pick for gamers looking to get a solid mouse for a low price. It has a brilliant sensor and solid customisation options for such an affordable gaming mouse, and it’s one of the lightest wired gaming mice you’ll find anywhere. With 6 programmable buttons and a tiny splash of RGB, it’s a brilliant starter mouse or a perfect quick replacement for an old favourite that has given up the ghost.

Price: $35
Weight: 69g
RGB: Yes

Razer Basilisk V3

razer basilisk

The Razer Basilisk V3 is a clean and mean gaming mouse with a stunning profile and a beautiful form factor. It’s a tried and tested peripheral that has evolved over several years, boasting similar compatibility to the G502 X, which is our best wired gaming mouse in 2024. It might be one of the heaviest wired gaming mice you can buy, but it’s a sturdy device that can take more than a few knocks. It boasts Razer’s near-unparalleled sensor and click capabilities, offering a sizeable package for a relatively affordable price.

Price: $50
Weight: 99g
RGB: Yes

Logitech G203 LightSync

g203 best wired gaming mouse

The second Logitech mouse to contend for the title of the best wired gaming mouse in 2024 is the G203 LightSync. This extremely affordable mouse offers so much for such a low price, boasting clean RGB and a nice fit in an ergonomic design that’s reminiscent of some of the best esports mice in the game. It might have a tapered DPI function but the sensor is more than adequate for fast-paced FPS gaming, and as it’s so light, it glides across your mouse mat like it’s on air.

Price: $25
Weight: 80g
RGB: Yes

Roccat Kone AIMO

roccat kono

The Kone AIMO is a stunning mouse that looks incredible and boasts some innovative features. It’s not as prolific a brand as Logitech or Razer but it’s promoted by the likes of Dr Disrespect – so it must be good! The Kone AIMO has a whopping 23 programmable keys, fantastic RGB, a high DPI sensor, and a brilliant grip. It’s one of the heaviest gaming mice you can buy, making it perfect for heavy-handed players who want something a little more reliable for long gaming sessions.

Price: $60
Weight: 130g
RGB: Yes

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