COD League’s 2024 Team Packs Are Launching January 8


It has been revealed that the long-awaited release of this season’s CDL team packs is just days away. On January 8, the full set of Call of Duty League team packs will be made available to purchase and use in Modern Warfare 3 and Warzone. This includes the custom Operators (home and away skins), the weapon camo, player card, weapon charms, and stickers. Despite the COD League having launched into its 2024 season almost a month ago, it has taken this long for the skin packs to be released.

It isn’t yet known how much the team packs will cost, but it’s expected to follow the trend set in previous seasons, with each pack retailing digitally at around $9.99. That was the going rate for the team packs last season. This time around, almost all of the team packs are honestly quite attractive, so it’ll be tough for fans of the CDL to pick just one to run with.

Which pack will you buy?

Long Time Coming

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The news regarding the release of the Call of Duty League team packs was broken by Jacob Hale on Twitter, along with a screenshot of the Miami Heretics team pack. It’s good news for CDL viewers the world over, as representing a beloved team in Modern Warfare 3 or Warzone is all some fans want to do. Every year, the team packs tend to sell quite well, with a portion of those sales being diverted to the teams themselves.


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