All Palworld Wildlife Sanctuary Locations

All Palworld Wildlife Sanctuary Locations


In Palworld, you will have the opportunity to capture a myriad of different Pals, some weaker and others stronger. If you want to expand your bestiary and add increasingly rare and powerful creatures to it, you cannot fail to visit the various Palworld Wildlife Sanctuary locations that are present on the game map. In fact, in these areas, you will be able to meet Pals that are not present in other areas. However, for this very reason, you cannot go on an adventure without a little preparation. Capturing these creatures won’t be easy, so here’s everything you need to know about it.

What Are Wildlife Sanctuaries in Palworld?

Before continuing to explain where to go to find the Palworld Wildlife Sanctuary locations, it is good to know, at least in general, what we are talking about. Palworld Wildlife Sanctuaries are unique areas on the game map where strong and rare Pals can be found. Furthermore, since these areas are kept under observation by the PIDF, anyone who ventures into them will be accused of trespassing.

Furthermore, even from a logistical point of view, reaching these places will absolutely not be a walk in the park. These are areas completely surrounded by water and to be able to reach them, you will need to have a flying or swimming mount. Don’t forget, then, that since the Pals who inhabit these areas are very strong, you will have to ingest high-level spheres so that you have a better chance of capturing these creatures.

Palworld Wildlife Sanctuary Locations

Now that you know in general what it is and we have given you some advice on how to best approach this mission, it’s time to tell you what the Palworld Wildlife Sanctuary locations are. Let’s start by telling you that there are three of them on the game map. So, let’s proceed step-by-step and see how to reach each of these Palworld Wildlife Sanctuary locations.

Palworld Wildlife Sanctuary 1

To get to the first Wildlife Sanctuary (coordinates 95, -729), go to the Sea Breeze Archipelago Castaway Beach fast travel point. Then, use your flying mount and fly straight east. You will be flying to the middle of the ocean, towards the structure sticking out of the water.

This is the list of all the Pals you can capture here:


Palworld Wildlife Sanctuary Locations
Credits: Dot Esports

Palworld Wildlife Sanctuary 2

To reach the second Wildlife Sanctuary (coordinates -662, -116), you have two options. The first route involves utilizing the fast travel feature to transport yourself to the Ruined Fortress City. Once there, set your course to the north, and you’ll find yourself on the path to the sanctuary, surrounded by the remnants of ancient structures. Alternatively, for a more adventurous route, consider heading to the Forgotten Island. From this mysterious and secluded location, take to the skies with your flying mount and soar westward.

These are the Pals you can find here:

Incineram Noct
Wumpo Botan
Jormuntide Ignis

Palworld Wildlife Sanctuary Locations
Credits: Dot Esports

Palworld Wildlife Sanctuary 3

To reach the third Wildlife Sanctuary (coordinates 665, 645), start by fast-traveling to the Deep Sand Dunes. Once you have arrived, take to the skies and head east. Brace yourself, though, as this journey is known to be the toughest. You will need to make your way to the distant edge of the desert, where the landscape can be challenging and Pals are exceptionally strong and formidable.

Here’s all the Pals you can find here:

Incineram Noct

Palworld Wildlife Sanctuary Locations
Credits: Dot Esports


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