Acola Wins Umebura SP10 – Full Results


Umbura SP10 has played out over the weekend, a huge Smash Bros event. While taking place in Japan, this was a big international event, with most of the best Smash Bros players turning up. The singles bracket at Umebura SP10 was particularly interesting though, and one player has stood out.

At the finals for Umebura SP10, acola took home victory after a dramatic run through the bracket. The Steve main has shown he’s one of the top Smash Bros players out there right now. How did it happen?

Acola Umebra SP10

Source: VGBootCamp, YouTube

Acola Wins Umebura SP10

Umbera SP10 saw some of the biggest players in Smash all in one place. The final singles bracket was definitely dominated by Japanese players though. In the winners’ side we had acola and the French Glutonny. However, the losers side had Japanese Miya and Kameme. In our first match, acola secured his spot in the final. After losing his first set to Glutonny he won the next three for a smooth ride through.

In the losers, Miya was equally strong in their match winning with a clean 3-0. In the losers final, Glutonny was now up against Miya but failed to put up too much resistance. This set us up for an interesting Steve v Mr Game and Watch finale.

The very final of the Umebura SP10 tournament got a bit closer than most of the other matches. Miya came out ahead in the first two rounds, meaning he was a single win away from a bracket reset. However, at this point, acola turned the tables. The Steve main took the next three results for c clean win and took the crown at Umebura SP10.

Acola Umebra SP10

Source: VGBootCamp, YouTube

With a Steve main winning the event, it’s clear the character is still in a strong position. If you haven’t already, it’s always a good time to check how to unlock Steve in Smash Ultimate. Acola’s talent with the character is clear though and the player might be rising up the rankings in 2024.

Umebura SP10 Preview

Umebura SP10 is a new event in the Smash Bros series taking place this week. Far from just being one of the latest in a series, this tournament has one of the most stacked rosters. It’s a Japanese tournament taking place over January 6th through to the 8th. It’s all happening in Tokyo Japan. Here we’re going to see some of the best players in the region competing along with some from outside of Japan.

If you’re watching to see how the best Smash Bros players balance out in 2024, these early tournaments are going to be particularly fun. We’ll see some of the top players competing. While it’s taking place in Japan, fans can watch along with the official stream. These are some of the top players to keep an eye on at Umebura SP10.

Umebura SP10

Source: @UMBRHP

Top Players to Watch


Steve has long been one of the most controversial characters in Smash Bros Ultimate. The Japanese Steve main is one of his best players too. Far from just exceeding at Steve, he’s one of the top active players in the entire game. He’s coming off of a strong run at recent tournament series instalments like this and could go all the way at Umebura SP10.


The next major player to watch at Umebura SP10 is one of the strongest non-Japanese players in attendance. The French Wario main is attending this tournament, can he beat the best Japanese players on their home turf? Recently he’s had strong finishes at Ultimate Fighting Arena 2023 and Watch the Throne.


Miya is a Game and Watch main heading to Umebura. He’s one of the top 5 Japanese players and is coming into the tournament having just won Delta 7 at the end of 2023. He’s definitely one of the biggest players to watch.


Kameme is the final player we’re highlighting from Umebura SP10. He’s excelled playing a more unconventional pick in the Smash roster, Sora. He’s been placing well in recent tournaments and could go all the way at this event.

Those are some of the top players to watch at Umebura SP10. While this event is just one of a larger series, there are most of the major players in the region turning up. If you’ve been missing competitive Smash over the brief holiday break, this is the perfect event to get back into it.


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