Fortnite Player Discovers Method to Build in Zero Build


Since mid-Chapter 3, Fortnite has been split in half. A Build side of the game where players crank and push the meta forward. Then, Zero Builds, for players who just want the gunplay without Fortnite’s unique mechanic. They’re separate. However, this week someone has found a method to build in Zero Build mode. One Fortnite player has shared a bug they discovered, which when paired with an older error in the game could allow players to be the only one cranking 90s in a match.

How did this player build in Zero Build? It uses a specific emote, although it seems tricky to recreate. While no one seems to have crossed the line and actively build in Zero Build matches to win Fortnite yet, it might just be a matter of time. How does the bug work and is it useable in live games?

Build in Zero Build – Redditor Finds Key Bug

A reddit user, u/fett95, this week has revealed a bug that they’ve found in-game. In a post, they showed off an interaction in-game using an emote which gave them access to the Build Menu in Zero Build.

I unlocked building in zero build byu/Fett95 inFortNiteBR

To pull it off, it appears that they made use of the free SpiderVerse crossover emote. In it, a cartoon pig spider-man pops in through a wormhole and hands the player a spider-man-themed mallet. This change of harvesting tool apparently retriggers the Build menu. Showing it off on Spawn Island, they show they have full access to the builds options. Although, they do have mats!

Is there a way to get mats too so you can really build in Zero Build? An older bug might do the trick. For quite a while Bots have been everywhere in Fortnite. Often when killed, they drop a standardized loadout. This included worthless gold in Fortnite OG. But also on occasion unusable mats too.

Combining these two bugs might mean players are able to build in Zero Build! Although, it is risky. Players can’t use bugs like this to get access to builds and win games unless they want to risk a ban from Epic. It’s definitely fun to see the bug shown off though.

Build in Zero Builds - Fortnite

Source: Epic Games

Can You Recreate it?

A player found this bug and got a good recording of it, but can you recreate it? Jumping into a random Zero Builds game, it seems the emote alone doesn’t do it. Something specific must have happened in this Squads game.

If others can figure out how to recreate it, this could cause some problems for Zero Builds! Hopefully, it gets patched before it becomes widespread.

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