VALORANT Icebox Changes in Patch 8.0: What’s different?


VALORANT Episode 8 is almost here and the hype train for the upcoming update is off the roof as well. Riot recently confirmed that Icebox is making a return in this update. However, the map has gotten some big changes. In this article, we will be taking a look at all the changes coming to Icebox in VALORANT Patch 8.0.


Image Credits: Riot Games

Have The Upcoming Changes Made Icebox More Attacker or Defender Friendly in VALORANT?

VALORANT Episode 8 Act 1 will be released on Jan. 9. In this update, we are going to see the launch of the new weapon Outlaw and also major changes to Lotus. Additionally, Icebox, one of the oldest and most controversial maps in the game, is getting some changes as well. With the reintroduction of Icebox, let us take a deep dive at all the changes to the map.

Icebox Mid Changes In VALORANT

The first change that comes to Icebox in VALORANT Patch 8.0 is on mid at B tube. Previously, it was a clear path to allow players to enter into B kitchen. Now, there are two boxes stacked on top of each other in the path. There is also a window that has been added at the top of B tube. This could be used as an off-angle by the defenders when holding mid.

Icebox VALORANT Changes

Image Credits: Riot Games

The boxes have been placed right after the window. Riot has done this to make sure that there is an element of risk. On agents like Jett and Neon, players can’t just run back to protect themselves when holding an angle from the window.

Icebox B Site Changes

The first major change on the B site in Icebox is at B Green. That area of the site consisted of construction boxes slacked above each other. In the upcoming changes, the middle crate has been lifted in the air by a crane. The boxes present at the backside of B Green have also been removed.

Icebox VALORANT Changes

Image Credits: Riot Games

The second change has been made at B Orange. Similar to the changes we got to see on the map of Breeze in the previous episode, one path has been blocked off. This path is the one closest to B Snow Pile. Due to this, attackers will have only one path to the B site from B link.

Icebox Attacker Spawn Changes In VALORANT

Icebox Changes

Image Credits: Riot Games

The last change on Icebox has been done near the attacker spawn. Previously, agents like Jett and Chamber could hold an angle on top of the container. Now Riot has added another container on top of Mid Blue. Due to this, the off-angle around the container has been removed as a whole.

These changes do make it feel like Icebox is more defender-oriented now. Many hoped for a change in how attackers can enter into either site through mid. Fans of VALORANT could be seeing Icebox being played professionally in the upcoming Predator League Asia Pacific 2024 tournament as well. This tournament will happen from Jan. 13 to 15. 


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