SCORE introduces Trophy Truck qualifying for full season

SCORE introduces Trophy Truck qualifying for full season


Trophy Trucks will have to earn their starting spot at all four SCORE International World Desert Championship rounds in 2024. On Tuesday, the sanctioning body announced qualifying has been expanded to the entire calendar after previously taking place exclusively at the San Felipe 250 and Baja 400, meaning the Baja 500 and Baja 1000 will also set their TT starting lineups days before race time.

Each of the three Trophy Truck categories—the headlining eponymous class, Trophy Truck Legends, and Trophy Truck Spec—will go Each class will go out at a time in single-truck qualifying. Trophy Truck and Legends will combine their final qualifying results to set the starting order, meaning a Legends truck can start ahead of a regular TT, while all TT Specs begin the race behind both categories and Class 1.

To incentivise running the full season, trucks must race the previous event to be eligible for qualifying; for example, everyone who is allowed to qualify for the Baja 500 would have already raced at San Felipe. Non-qualifiers will have their starting spots set by random draw if they have already paid their mandatory fees, while those who fail to complete the payments start at the back.

The remaining categories will have their starting positions determined by where they finished in the previous race. A draw is used for those who did not run said round or pay off their fees in time.

Team Australia’s Toby Price and Paul Weel swept the two qualifying sessions in 2023 at the San Felipe 250 and Baja 400.

The 2024 SCORE season begins in San Felipe on 23 March, while qualifying will take place two days prior on 21 March. Teams must have submitted their entry application and fees online by 8 March or in-person at SCORE’s Ensenada office on 15 March, as well as completing on-site registration on 20 March in order to qualify.

2024 start order by class


StartClass1Trophy Truck*2Trophy Truck Legends*3Class 14Trophy Truck Spec5Class 106Pro UTV Open7Pro UTV Forced Induction8Class 79SCORE Lites10Pro UTV Normally Aspirated11Class 512Pro UTV Unlimited13Pro Stock UTV14Class 1/2-160015Class 816Heavy Metal17Heavy Metal Limited18Hammer Truck19Class 320Class 5-160021Baja Challenge22Stock Mid-Size23Class 7F24Class 7SX25Stock Full Size26Trophy Lite27Baja-e Trucks28Baja-e Cars29Baja-e UTVs30Class 231Class 1132Sportsman Truck33Sportsman Buggy34Sportsman UTV
* – Both classes can mix

Motos and Quads

StartClass1Pro Moto Unlimited2Pro Moto 303Pro Moto Limited4Pro Moto 505Pro Moto 406Pro Moto 607Pro Moto Ironman8Pro Moto Adventure9Pro Quad10Pro Quad Ironman11Pro Baja-e Moto12Pro Baja-e Quad13Sportsman Moto14Sportsman Quad

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