Toornament’s 2023 retrospective and 2024 preview

Toornament’s 2023 retrospective and 2024 preview


A new year has passed for the Toornament team which has been marked by major and more discreet developments to always best serve tournament organizers. Discover our retrospective of 2023 and some 2024 developments preview.

2023 in a few figures

You are 6,400 new active organizers to have joined us in 2023;
Organizers have created 42,000 tournaments during the year;
These tournaments have welcomed more than 511,000 participants;
More than 1,700,000 matches have been played;
A total of 29 new games added on the platform.

Release of the Platform solution

The year 2023 was undeniably marked by the release of the very first white-label and no-code tournament platform solution. Step by step, the Platform solution is the culmination of work started in 2021 combining both the tournament management software and the Toornament website builder.

The Toornament Platform makes it possible to democratize the practice of esports to as many people as possible. It provides project leaders with a rapid and complete solution for deploying a white label tournament platform, whether to develop esports within a national or international federation, for a game or a brand.

Tournament website builder improvements

Released in 2022, the first no-code tournament website builder has been enhanced with new improvements and features in 2023. While many have been used as part of the development of the Platform Plan, others are also available for use as part of the Site Plan.

Thus, we have pushed further and further the possibilities of integrating from the smallest information of your tournament in one click on your website, and personalizing their renderings.

This long work gives you in 2024 the ability to create and personalize your website for all your projects, whether it is a simple tournament, a professional league, or a full white-label platform for your federation or esports game.

Tournament management software improvements

Alongside the development and release of the Platform solution, the Toornament teams continued to improve the tournament organization tool and its interfaces.

Among the new features of the year, let’s remember these:

Toornament around the world

2023 was also a year of traveling to meet players, organizers, studios, publishers and federations. Our team traveled several times at video games and esports show, including:

Game Developers Conference in San Francisco;
Gamescom in Cologne;
ESI, esports and games industry festival, in London;
Global Esports Games in Ryiadh;
Paris Games Week and Game Connection in Paris;
Horizon(s), CIC Esports Business, VIVA Technoloty and Game Camp in France.

We hope to see you during one of our next stop in 2024!

What next for 2024?

Now that Toornament offers a complete range of tools for organizing its gray or white label tournaments through its different plans, the team will consolidate and improve them throughout the year. The areas of development will focus in particular on monetization functionalities, registration process, organizational workflow automation, the public platform interface, without forgetting the continuous improvement of our tournament management engine.

Thank you for staying with us, and get ready for another exciting year in esports!


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