LoL Jungle Tier List – The Best Junglers for Patch 14.3


Find out which are the best champions to climb the ranked ladder in this patch with our LoL jungle tier list.

LoL Patch 14.3

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Jungle Tier List – Best champions for LoL Patch 14.3

The new season welcomed a series of changes that warped how jungle players need to play the game once again. Aside from the addition of Voidgrubs, junglers have to get used to the new map layout that influences both how ganks and clears are done in the game. If you’re struggling to find out which are the strongest picks though, we got you covered: here are the five best champions of the Patch 14.3 jungle tier list.

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These Are The Best Junglers for Patch 14.3

5. Kayn – The Bashful Bloom

The fifth place on our LoL jungler tier list goes to Kayn, which is having a great time with the new map and the lethality items. The addition of Profane Hydra greatly speeds up his jungle clear, allowing him to quickly farm his camps and have time to invade the enemy. Once he closes out Opportunity, he becomes even more obnoxious and slippery to play against.

You will need some time to master the timings and the matchups but he’s one of the best junglers to 1v9 games, especially in the lower Elos where players do not respect him.

4. Brand – the new AP pick

If you’re looking for a spicy pick, look no further than Brand. What was once considered a support champion has now become a top-tier jungler. Not only does he boast an insanely fast clear but he can also shred through champions’ health bars, especially given the new itemizations. Most champions will end up building HP and he can burn them down with a few abilities. Be careful with the positioning, though: you are squishy as hell.

lol brand

Brand is the new AP jungler for season 14. Image Credit: Riot Games

3. Evelynn – the old guards are still here

Evelynn has been at the top of the jungle tier list for so long that it’s still weird to see her untouched. Even though she is more of a pocket pick and played by one-tricks and Evelynn mains, her numbers are pretty outstanding, with a nearly 53% win rate in the patch so far.

Just like Kayn, she can abuse her targets with a consistent map presence, slowly choking out the enemies and forcing them into a mistake. Unless you have three losing lanes, Evelynn always has a chance to pick up a few kills and take over the game.

2. Nocturne – it’s time to switch off the lights.

I love playing Nocturne. For players who love to be able to join fights from afar, global ultimates like Nocturne’s Paranoia are the best. Traditionally, though, global ultimates have a much higher cooldown than most normal ultimates. But what if I tell you that Nocturne’s is always going to be low? Because that’s what he can do with the new itemization.

nocturne lol jungle tier list

Abuse Nocturne while you can. Image Credit: Riot Games

By going for Experimental Hexplate and then items like Axiom Arc and Eclipse (or Black Cleaver), Nocturne will basically guarantee himself an ultimate every half a minute (if he can kill the target). If you have strong jungle tracking and a great eye for gank windows, this is a champion you must play.

1. Bel’Veth – it’s time to take control

With so many short-range and melee champions in this meta, Bel’Veth has risen up as one of the strongest counters and champions in the game.

She loves playing against champions looking to all-in as she can negate most of the damage with her E, and once she gets her reset, things will get even rougher. The new Stridebreaker also helps her speed up her jungle and wave-clearing.

The great thing about her right now is that she is still not regarded as one of the high-priorities picks so she is navigating great win rates with a relatively low ban rate (below 10%). Before others realize how powerful she is, make sure to abuse her as much as possible.

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