Warcraft Rumble Hogger Build – How to Win Games

Warcraft Rumble Hogger Build - How to Win Games


This Warcraft Runble Hogger build is about to change the way you play. Let’s dive in.

I know that Hogger is not the most popular Warcraft Rumbe leader. However, I also know that he has a lot of loyal fans who want to know how to win their games as fast and as easily as possible. Therefore, it is time for my universal Warcraft Rumble Hogger build.

What you will read is an in-depth analysis if the units I use alongside Hogger to win my games. I have been experimenting with this build for some time now, and I feel like it works really well. Even though the most recent Warcraft Rumble Patch Notes nerfed some of the units you are about to see, I still think they are worth using, so let’s dive in.

Warcraft Rumble Hogger Build – The idea

Warcraft Rumble Hogger Build - How To Win Games

While it is true that creating a universal build for a given Warcraft Rumble Leader is not easy, I did my best here. Hogger is an option that does not get as much love as others, which is weird because I believe he is worth using. 

This Warcraft Rumble Hogger build has been tested, and it works in many different environments, including PVP and PVE. However, you may need to swap some units, depending on what you are playing against. That said, I feel like the build will do wonders if you keep it as it is. 

What you will see is that a lot of the units that I’ve added to this list rely on stealth. This is on purpose – I believe that this tactic allows you to be much more efficient when attacking. You will do a lot more damage on your initial attack, which should allow you to bring down enemies much faster. Also, this (kind of) allows these units to live for longer because doing more damage means the enemies will die faster and won’t have enough time to damage your units.

Another thing that this Hogger Warcraft Rumble build focuses on is speed. Many units, such as Harpies and Huntress, are fast, which is extremely useful in games like Warcraft Rumble. As you know, this allows them to push much faster and get chests faster. 

Warcraft Rumble Hogger Build #1- The Units

Now that I have shared some general information about the units and everything you must be aware of, here is the actual Hogger build you need to be aware of:

Defias Bandits
S.A.F.E. Pilot

I have analyzed that the average gold cost of these units is 3. The idea here is to allow Hogger to stack his position so he can do more damage by stacking his bonus. The Huntress and Prowler are also very important because they allow you a solid opener in any fight.

In terms of Harpies and Bandits, I have been using these two when I have to deal with powerful ground units. Harpies are exceptionally strong, and you can also use them offensively or when you need to defend against a specific push. 

Warcraft Rumble Hogger Build #2

The second Warcraft Rumble Hogger Build I want to talk about is very different from the first one. I was wondering whether to add it to the list because it focuses mostly on PVP. I know that there are many crucial PVP changes that will take place soon, so more and more people will get involved. That’s why I wanted to share my thoughts about this build. 

Speaking of the devil, here is what you can focus on:

Goblin sapper
S.A.F.E. Pilot
Holy Nova
Murloc Tidehunters

If you analyze this Hogger Warcraft Rumble build, you will see that the average gold is 2.7. The draft’s overall damage output is vital, especially when used correctly.

Generally speaking, I always use Hogger or Murlocs when playing for chests, and I rely on Harpies to deal with the upcoming ground damage. Quilboar is another unit that you can use alongside Harpies when you have to defend, but he is also a solid pick when you need to attack. Like all Hogger drafts, the leader gets better in the later stages of the game, so the idea is to survive until then. 


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