Why You Might Not See Among Us in Play Store and How to Fix It


Mobile Games offer serious variety on most platforms, but the best titles aren’t always available in the built-in store. Among Us is one of the top mobile title. However, you might not always simply spot it when going to download the title. If you’re wondering why Among Us is not in the Play Store, there is a relatively simple answer.

Some mobile games are only available on Android through a non-play store download, sideloading them. Unlike some other high-profile games like mobile Fortnite though, Among Us is available on the Play Store. If you’re looking where to download Among us on Android, you can usually find it right there in the official marketplace. Among Us isn’t one of the games choosing to only be available on their own terms.

The Among Us download should be available on the app store. However, if you’re not seeing it then there are some fixes that are out there that will help you find the app.

why among us is not in play store

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Why Among U is Not in Play Store?

Unlike some mobile apps, Among Us is directly available in the Google Play Store. You should be able to just log on and find it. Why can’t you see Among Us in the Google Play Store then? The most likely answer is an error or something wrong with your device.

Among Us isn’t the most demanding game. Like a lot of the best mobile games it can run on pretty varied hardware. It does have some requirements to download though.

You don’t need a supercomputer in your pocket. The main concern is keeping your devices updated with compatible software. If you open the app store without the right software installed, then you might not be able to find it. In these cases, the solution is easy, update your software. If your phone is no longer supported then that’s a bigger problem. In that case, your hardware might be too old to run Among Us properly.

Like a lot of mobile games, Among Us does need software up to date to run. Since the game has been getting more recent expansions this has become a bigger issue. The game has more content now and is optimized for newer software. This means they’ll gradually remove support for older software. Even if your hardware can handle the game, there’s a limit to how many iterations of the software the title can be optimized for. This is the most likely reason why Among Us is not in Play Store for you.

The other major requirement you might be missing is RAM. You need to have a certain amount of memory free to be able to run Among Us properly on your phone. As long as you hit these requirements, you should see the game in your store. It’s a simple game to access. There’s no boost provided to the best Among Us players by better hardware either.

How to be imposter in Among Us

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Where to Download Among Us

If you have a compatible device, it should be simple to download Among Us! This is all you’ll need to do.

Open the Play Store
Type Among Us in the Search
Hit Download
Wait and Jump in!

There isn’t any special software for Among Us which lets you be imposter every time. You just need to download the regular app. How exactly can you make sure it’s showing up and capable of running on your device though? There are a few requirements to run Among Us on Android devices.

Android 6.0 or higher
2.16 GB RAM

That’s all of the requirements. As long as you’re meeting these, you’re able to download Among Us. The Google Play Store should show the app up as long as you’re hitting these benchmarks.

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