Liquid Strike Back on Day Four of BLAST Premier Spring Groups 2024


That’s more like it! After a tough day three at the BLAST Premier Spring Groups 2024, Liquid showed impressive resilience to improve straight away on day four. We’ve seen another set of matches in Copenhagen from Group B and D, with the tournament now just a few days from its conclusion.

But it wasn’t just Liquid who turned up on the day. We’re bringing you the highlights from day four of the BLAST Premier Spring Groups 2024, to make sure you don’t miss out on the important moments.

Liquid bounce back

BLAST Premier Spring Groups 2024

Credit: Stephanie Lindgren | © BLAST

This was the Liquid we wanted to see. After scraping past a Spirit who were playing with two stand-ins yesterday, there was some concern that their form wouldn’t be enough to beat GamerLegion, who looked strong against FaZe. There was no need for any worry. What Liquid gave us was a glimpse of their potential, with every player having their highlight moment across a 2:0 series against GamerLegion.

The key turning point was cadiaN’s form. We speculated yesterday that jet lag had potentially hampered his performance on the server, but today he looked like his old self. Liquid were all the better for it. Now, they’re in the Grand Final of Group B, where they’ll face either GamerLegion or FaZe to secure their spot in the BLAST Premier Spring Final 2024. With a couple days to rest, they could really do some damage.

Elsewhere in Group B, FaZe walked over the donk-less Spirit 2:0. There’s not much to gleam from this game, given Spirit aren’t competing at anywhere near full strength. reach Group D Final

BLAST Premier Spring Groups 2024

Credit: BLAST

On day four, defeated Cloud9 in a thrilling series to secure their place in the Group D Grand Final. It wasn’t a game with crazy highlight plays – games rarely are. It was just solid CS from VP, and a wake-up call for Cloud9 that they maybe do need an AWPer to succeed at the top level after all. are a bit of an anomaly. Without status as a BLAST or ESL Partner Team, they spent much of 2023 grinding online events, so didn’t have much presence in the Tier 1 scene last year. Quality-wise, they’re clearly on the same level as other top teams, so it was a shame to see them drop off the map to such a degree.

This was a good reminder of exactly what Jame and his team are capable of. On their day, can beat anyone – even if their brand of slow, economical CS isn’t for everyone.


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