VALORANT Fortune’s Hand bundle: Skins, price, and release date

VALORANT Fortune’s Hand bundle: Skins, price, and release date


The VALORANT Fortune’s Hand bundle comes with four weapon skins for some of your favorite guns, and a staff melee variant.

Let’s go over everything we can expect from it.

VALORANT Fortune’s Hand skins and accessories

The bundle’s codename is allegedly “Tarot.” That makes a lot of sense when you look at the skins including in Fortune’s Hand. We’ve got a leaked image, so we can at least see what weapons will get the look:






A staff of some sort appears to be the melee option included with the VALORANT Fortune’s Hand bundle. We also see different potential Player Cards floating around in the image.

That means there will be some accessories, but we’ll have to wait until an official reveal to know if there are any skin variations or upgrades.

Price of the bundle

It’s like the VALORANT Fortune’s Hand bundle will fall in the Deluxe collection category. Of course, none of this is confirmed until Riot Games adds it to their first-person shooter.

If our guess is correct, that means it will range between 4,000 VALORANT Points and 6,000 VALORANT Points, depending on its contents. We’ll update you here when we know the actual cost.

When does the VALORANT Fortune’s Hand bundle release?

VALORANT Episode 8 Act 2 is on its way. It will see the launch of a new skin set, but that is not the Fortune’s Hand bundle. Expect it to arrive at a later date, probably a couple of weeks into the new Act.

That would put it at either March 19 or March 26. Whenever the typical Tuesday VALORANT update happens and the shop resets, it could be added to the game. Once we know more, we’ll let you know.

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