Dragon Ball FighterZ Comes to PS5 with Rollback


Dragon Ball Fighterz PS5 has just been released! The game might be a bit older, first released in 2018. Support over the years has helped to massively expand the title. Most recently, it a major update to its online. The latest expansion for the game is a new platform though. A dedicated FighterZ PS5 version has just been released!

The official Twitter account for Dragon Ball games has become to promote this new version of the game. A net-gen upgrade is coming as a standalone title. It’s going to be available on both PlayStation 5 and the Xbox Series line of consoles. This new version of the game helps to keep FighterZ completely accessible.

FighterZ PS5

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FighterZ PS5 Version Releases Unexpectedly

The new Dragon Ball FighterZ version is getting released on both PlayStation and Xbox. It’s going to be available to everyone on these platforms. There are a few differences from what players might remember, even if it’s the same lineup of FighterZ characters.

For one thing, this new version of the game is coming with rollback netcode. FighterZ was just a bit too old to have this from day one. It did eventually get an update recently, which took a long time to come. This new version of the game will feature it from the start.

Rollback netcode is a massive update for Dragon Ball FighterZ. This version of the game will see some other minor improvements too, especially with performance. The game’s content is done being updated though, so we won’t see any more balancing changes.

FighterZ PS5 is out now. It’s going to mean players can rediscover the entire roster of FighterZ characters. While it’s a title that still has a lot to offer. It might not be the newest fighter, but it can stand up there against any of Arc’s more modern Works. It’s great to see a new version get released. Especially with EVO and other tournaments running on consoles.

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