Dragon Ball Sparking Zero Gets Flashy New Trailer


One of the most hyped fighters of 2024 has to be the new Dragon Ball Title. Dragon Ball Sparking Zero is a new instalment in the one of the franchise’s most beloved game series. Sparking Zero, or Budokai Tenckaichi 4 as it was first known, is a revival of the expansive series of 3D Arena fighters. Bandai Namco has been teasing it for quite a while, but we’ve just gotten a new update on how the game is progressing.

Out of the upcoming fighting games for the year ahead, Sparking Zero has the potential to be one of the biggest. It’s a more casual fighter than the likes of FighterZ. However, these more friendly matchups can still be pretty tense. The game’s most recent trailer has shown off some of the most visually impressive action we’ve seen in a Dragon Ball game. What have we learnt with the new trailer and what can we expect from Dragon Ball Sparking Zero?

Dragon Ball Sparking Zero New Trailer - Roster

Source: Bandai Namco

Dragon Ball Sparking Zero Gets New Trailer

The new follow-up to the Budokai Tenkaichi games is one of the most hyped Dragon Ball has had. The original series of games pushed things further than we’d ever gone before. The rosters were huge (basically every character to ever appear), the visuals were up a notch, and it had nearly the entire Dragon Ball franchise to play through. Sparking Zero is incorporating newer sides of Dragon Ball too. This latest trailer has already shown some of that off.

The new trailer for the game shows us quite a lot. Prime among it seems to be the huge roster. It initially flashes through tons of Dragon Ball characters, teasing much more than the standard roster for the games. We then get directly into one of the franchise’s most iconic fights, Goku against Vegeta. This also seemingly includes a playable Great Ape section!

Dragon Ball Sparking Zero New Trailer - Ape

Source: Bandai Namco

It’s not just the Saiyan saga fight though. The Goku Vegeta match-up continues, with the characters using their forms and moves from throughout the series, moving through the Namek, Buu sagas, and even beyond. We’re seeing tons of Dragon Ball’s most iconic fights here. Including the new transformations from the franchise’s revival.

The new Dragon Ball Sparking Zero trailer shows off just how close to the game’s source material it looks. Things look fantastic here. The tease of a roster filling up in hexagons at the end teases the massive rosters we’ve seen the game sport too. It might be a premier title for fighting game esports like FighterZ, but there’s a lot to be hyped about for Sparking Zero.

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