Indie Game Publishing, OTK Games Expo + Will Neff Joins & More

Indie Game Publishing, OTK Games Expo + Will Neff Joins & More


OTK just concluded their Shareholders Meeting on Esfand’s channel today, and it had some exciting news about OTK’s plans for 2024. Here’s everything they announced today. 

Pixel Pitch

I’m sure many of you at least know of Shark Tank, the American show when aspiring entrepreneurs pitch their business ideas to a group of potential investors. OTK has decided to create something similar. Only this show will focus on indie gaming.

In partnership with Mad Mushroom, Pixel Pitch will allow indie game studios to pitch their game projects to a group of several potential investors: a content creator, a gaming investor, and a special guest. The three potential investors will change with each episode. Depending on how well the gaming studios sell it, they may walk away with new investors. And even if gaming studios don’t convince the panel of investors, they’ll still receive invaluable feedback. 

OTK Games Expo

2023 was the end of an era for gaming. After a cancellation in 2022, the premiere gaming trade event, E3, has come to an end, with the Entertainment Software Association announcing that the expo would not be coming back. 

In recent years, many companies have chosen to host their own expos/showcases, and OTK counts themselves among the many independent gaming expos. So, naturally, the OTK Games Expo is coming back in 2024. 

The OTK Games Expo is a huge opportunity for indie game developers to get their projects out there and in front of the audience of OTK, one of the biggest content creator organizations in the world. 

Will Neff Joins OTK

Will Neff has joined OTK!
Image Source: OTK

OTK officially has a new member in the form of Will Neff. A variety streamer that does reaction content, comedy, IRL, and more, Will Neff boasts a Twitch subscriber count of 470,000 and has a YouTube channel with 124,000 subscribers. 

After parting ways with 100 Thieves last year, Will Neff traveled to Austin, Texas, and hung out with OTK members like Cyr, ExtraEmily, and Mizkif. Along with some comments Neff’s partner Caroline Kwan made about the trip, this trip led fans to (Accurately) predict Will Neff’s joining OTK. 

Given the style of content Will Neff makes, OTK is firm in its belief that Neff is a perfect addition to OTK. Fans can expect Neff to participate in and host a variety of shows that OTK has planned for 2024. 

Two World of Warcraft Tournaments

OTK has a well-known history and investment in World of Warcraft, competing professionally several years ago. They’ve also developed a reputation as a host for some of the best WoW competitions you’ll ever witness. 

Last year’s month-long $100K OTK Hardcore Mak’Gora Tournament peaked at over 305K viewers. That figure makes it the most popular World of Warcraft event of all time, far eclipsing the second most-viewed WoW event, the Arena World Championship 2018, which had a peak of 132K viewers. 

OTK is keeping the World of Warcraft tournaments coming in 2024 with two tournaments: the OTK 1v1 Season of Discovery Invitational and The WoW Games. These events are TBC for March 2024 and July 2024, respectively. 

New & Returning OTK Programming

Always On

In partnership with AT&T, ExtraEmily, and Emiru will host a show showing off AT&T’s fast and reliable service for indoor and outdoor activities. 

Steak & Eggs Podcast

Making you hungry for a steak & eggs burrito every time it comes on the air, the Steak & Eggs Podcast returns in 2024, with Asmongold, Tectone, and Emiru chatting about everything from gaming to lifestyles with special guests. With 224,000 subscribers and counting, the Steak & Eggs Podcast hit 1 million plays on Spotify within its first 33 episodes and doesn’t seem to be slowing down. 

OTK Film Festival

Along with showing some love for indie games, OTK does the same with indie filmmakers. The OTK Film Festival will give contestants one month to write, film, and edit their own film masterpieces. Members of OTK will act as talent and take on some roles in the footage. 

OTK Gameday Season 3

We all know what OTK creators are like during livestreams, but have you ever wondered how they’d fare in real life in sports competitions? OTK Gameday is your way to find out, with the show returning for Season 3 in 2024. 

OTK Charity Lift-A-Thon

Created by Esfand, the OTK Charity Lift-A-Thon is a way for OTK members to make some gains and raise money for good causes while they’re at it.

With the goal of lifting one pound per every dollar donated, the OTK Charity Lift-A-Thon is a fun event for raising money. Last year, OTK surpassed its $100,000 goal and raised over $125,000 dollars. We’ll see if they can set a new record this year. 

OTK’s Top Streamer, OTK All-Nighter, Creator Cafe and more

2024 is going to be an exciting year for OTK and its fans. Stay tuned for everything in store this year!


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