Wild Rift Support Tier List – Best Champions to use in Patch 5.0


The Support role is one of the most important in Wild Rift, at some points even becoming the primary carry on the team. Supports typically have the best in-game knowledge as they are required to cater to the ADC and play a more significant part in setting their team up for success.

Wild Rift best Supports

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The question is, which supports are the best to play in ranked right now?

Don’t worry, we got you covered; here are the five best Supports to pick in our Wild Rift Support tier list.

Sona, Maven of the Strings

Wild Rift Support - Sona


Sona is an excellent champion for multiple reasons. Her kit can heal you, give you extra movement speed, and even deal her fair share of damage. Depending on what build you choose, Sona’s early game is not the strongest. If you go for a more selfish build, you can poke the enemy duo out of the lane.

Sona scales well with mana items, enabling her to use abilities more frequently without mana depletion concerns.

Pyke, the Bloodharbor Ripper

Wild Rift Support - Pyke


Pyke is arguably the best Support right now in Wild Rift and certainly the best among the Champions on this Support tier list.

This champion works best when you are being aggressive and constantly looking to make plays—not only in lane but also roaming, where Pyke is considered one of, if not the best roaming Support in the game. Pyke is an Assassin, which means if he catches you off-guard, he could easily one-shot you.

Lux, the Lady of Luminosity

Wild Rift Support - Lux


Supports can often be the star of the show, and Support tier lists are a thing. There is no bigger star than Lux, the ultimate carry from the Support position. Lux is great at all game stages; she has great poke, which is hard to dodge. On top of that, Lux has hard crowd control, which stuns enemy champions for a decent period. And finally, her ultimate goal is to one-shot a squishy target with enough ability and power.

Although Lux can shield allies, her main objective is to be a late-game carry.

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Soraka, the Starchild

Wild Rift - Soraka


Returning to the roots of traditional supports, Soraka shines as an proficient enchanter, buffing her teammates and maintaining their health in battles. Also, Soraka has decent poke in lane if you can land the skill shot, but her main objective is to keep healing their duo partner.

The longer the game goes, the better it gets for the team and Soraka, as she can put out more healing than the enemy team can apply damage.

Thresh, the Chain Warden

Wild Rift - Thresh


Thresh is great at most stages of the game. In the early game, he can zone off the enemy ADC, making them wary of approaching the lane to avoid getting hooked. In the team fights, he is great at zoning around the neutral objectives. On top of that, Thresh is a tank Support who provides good peeling for the carries.

If you are good at landing your skill shots, this is the perfect Support champion for you, as the enemy team will naturally play scared of a Thresh who can land their hooks.

As the backbone of any successful team, support champions dictate the flow of the game, providing vision, crowd control, and protect their allies. However, not all supports are created equal, and understanding their strengths and weaknesses is key to climbing the ranks.

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