Effectively Wild Episode 2114: Weekend WARriors


EWFIBen Lindbergh and Meg Rowley banter about the offseason doldrums and this winter’s free-agent activity compared to last year’s, the Josh Hader and Robert Stephenson signings (with a contract over/under draft update), a bleak week in sports (and non-sports) media, pitcher/catcher technique and the automated strike zone, and the invasion of players named Jackson, followed by Stat Blasts (1:14:48) about Hader’s strikeout splits by out count, “minimum journeymen,” the longest palindromic win-loss sequences, and the most consecutive games started at catcher.

Audio intro: Liz Panella, “Effectively Wild Theme”Audio outro: Xavier LeBlanc, “Effectively Wild Theme”

Link to Lobner Facebook postLink to Jake/Jordan FA tweetLink to MLBTR on GravemanLink to MLBTR on HaderLink to MLBTR on UwasawaLink to MLBTR on StephensonLink to RP K% post-6/2Link to over/under draft resultsLink to The Ringer on SILink to apocalypse sign articleLink to The Atlantic on PitchforkLink to L.A. Times layoffs storyLink to Axios on media layoffsLink to Defector on VC greedLink to The Nation on ESPN/NFLLink to Tango on intended locationLink to Ben on Lincecum in 2014Link to Eno on command in 2018Link to Tango on catcher locationLink to Tango on catcher lungesLink to Tango on framingLink to EW Episode 2054Link to EW Episode 1851Link to BA on JacksonsLink to Jackson baby name dataLink to strikeout splits StatheadLink to leaguewide strikeout splitsLink to minimum journeymen sheetLink to palindrome Reddit questionLink to palindromic records sheetLink to C start streak sheetLink to C start % averagesLink to catcher ironmen pageLink to FG post on qualified catchersLink to Ben on catcher fatigueLink to study on player restLink to FG post on qualified catchersLink to Stat Blast on qualified hittersLink to Frankie Hayes SABR bioLink to Young Sheldon spinoff storyLink to Stat Blast song coverLink to all Stat Blast covers

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