Palworld Ranch – How Do They Work

Palworld Ranch – How Do They Work


Learn everything there is to know about the Palworld Ranch and how you can use it to your benefit.

Palworld has just reached 2 million sales and is already the most talked about game of 2024 in a year that is just about to get going with some of the hottest releases of the last few years. Pocket Pair’s survival game mixes the fun of raising digital beasties with the grueling optimization of Factorio. Going forward it’ll also have a lot more in store once its early access gets going.

But you’re here to learn all about the Ranch, so we’ll teach you how to make it, what to use it for, and how to get the most out of it.

Palworld Ranch

The Ranch is one of the more important unlocks in the early goings of Palworld. It allows you to farm resources off your Pals without having to defeat them, which makes for a nice passive gain of materials whenever you’re out and about to explore.

You unlock this at level 5 and can build if by collecting 50x wood, 20x stone, and 30x fiber. You get fiber from felling trees with an axe.

Once you’ve built a ranch, you can assign a pal to it to produce a resource. Just keep in mind that each ranch can only produce one type of resource so you’ll have to pick carefully and switch it up as you need different resources. Optimally you want to have one ranch for each of the resources for a steady stream of supplies.

Here’s a list of the resources different pals can provide:

Caprity: Red Berries, Wool
Chikipi: Eggs
Cremis: Wool
Flambelle: Flame Organs
Lamball: Wool
Mau: 10x Gold Coin
Melpaca: Wool
Mozzarilna: Milk
Vixy – Pal Spheres, 10x Gold Coins, 3x Arrows

Make sure to also construct chests nearby so the resources end up in your stash. That’ll make it much easier to access them later on at any of the crafting facilities.

And that sums up everything you need to know about the Ranches in Palworld. For more on Palworld, check out our other guides such as how to unlock Mounts, what the Roadmap of the Early Access is looking like, what Palfluids are and how you get them, and everything you need to know about Shiny Pals.

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