TJ Ford: ‘Anthony Edwards kind of reminds me of Kevin Garnett’

TJ Ford: ‘Anthony Edwards kind of reminds me of Kevin Garnett’


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TF: In my two years and my time on the Raptors, I thought I was at my best, both for my basketball skills and my physical condition, enabling my growth in efficiency and effectiveness. And then having this crazy combination of this guard position.

I think Jose Calderon and I were kind of one of the first duos to have this impact where it didn’t matter, and the statistics were the same with different styles. We were able to turn the Raptors organization around, win the division title, make it to the playoffs, and create some unforgettable memories.

When I look at the guys on the team, a lot of them had success and won championships in other places. But when I look at that team, we were really close. We spent a lot of time together with guys who really understood basketball and helped take my game to the next level by facilitating.

I mean, with most of those guys, in today’s game, we would have had a lot of success. And when I look at the teammates that I had, a lot of us are doing amazing things post-career. And I think part of that comes from our time spent in Toronto. We really clicked. I talk with my friends all the time; that Raptors team, if you put them in today’s generation, I think they would seamlessly work.

You’ve got Andrea Bargnani, who would be shooting threes, or you’ve got Anthony Parker, who’s like that versatile player you need for today’s game at the forward spot. You’ve got Calderon, who’s going to be that one-two punch down the court with me, and then you’ve got [Chris] Bosh, who would be a beast in today’s game. That roster that was put together, we shot the ball well and we were probably ahead of our time. We wanted to play like Phoenix, get it up and down, and have shooters do it. We had the personnel. Man, we were one of the best three-point shooting teams at that time, so I can only imagine how we would perform in today’s game.


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