Ryan Garcia threatens to bite Devin Haney in upcoming bout

Ryan Garcia threatens to bite Devin Haney in upcoming bout


Ryan Garcia has issued a startling threat ahead of his upcoming bout with Devin Haney, suggesting he may resort to biting his opponent’s ears during their clash in New York on April 20.

The tensions between the two American lightweight contenders have escalated dramatically, with Garcia’s recent behavior on social media adding fuel to the fire, although many are worried about his mental wellbeing.

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Since the commencement of their media tour earlier this month, Garcia, 25, has been notably active on various social platforms, using them as a stage for airing a series of eccentric conspiracy theories and making unconventional statements.

Despite concerns raised by some, Garcia’s camp maintains that he is mentally fit and fully prepared to continue training for the fight.

What did Garcia say about Haney?

However, Garcia’s latest online activity on Wednesday reignited controversy as he directed provocative comments towards Haney.

In a tweet, Garcia hinted at a plan to emulate Mike Tyson’s infamous ear-biting incident during his rematch with Evander Holyfield in 1997.

“I might bite Haney’s ears. Mike Tyson bit one ear. I’mma bite both. I’m hungry,” Garcia posted on Twitter.

Furthermore, Garcia drew parallels to Tyson’s confrontations outside the ring, particularly recalling Tyson’s violent altercation with Lennox Lewis during a press conference in 2002.

“Y’all thought Tyson needed police for the Lennox Lewis fight, you will need the army. I’mma attack Haney, it isn’t a fight to me. I don’t think I will stop hitting him if he’s down. I’m not even capping,” he continued.

With Garcia’s unpredictability adding an extra layer of uncertainty to the already highly anticipated bout, it remains unclear what exactly awaits on April 20. The potential for the match to devolve into chaos looms large, leaving fans and officials alike on edge as they await the outcome of this contentious showdown.


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