Star Wars: Battlefront Classic Collection trophy and achievement list

Star Wars: Battlefront Classic Collection trophy and achievement list


Attention, Sergeant on Deck

Reach Sergeant Rank

You’ll Call me Captain or Sir

Reach Captain Rank

I’m No Jedi

Reach General Rank

There’s One, Don’t Set for Stun

Earn your first Frenzy Medal

Keep Your Enemies Closer

Earn your first Regulator Medal

Shoulder-fire. Very Expensive.

Earn your first Demolition Medal

In Your Sights

Earn your first Marksman Medal

You Shot First

Earn your first Gunslinger Medal

Just Call Me Fixer

Earn your first Technician Medal

Just Like the Simulations

Earn your first Endurance Medal

Good Soldiers Follow Orders

Earn your first Guardian Medal

One Clone Army

Earn your first War Hero Medal

Unlock the Elite Rifle

Reach legendary Frenzy status

Unlock the Flechette Shotgun

Reach legendary Regulator status

Unlock the Remote Rocket Launcher

Reach legendary Demolition status

Unlock the Beam Rifle

Reach legendary Marksman status

Unlock the Precision Pistol

Reach legendary Gunslinger status

Unlock the Vehicle Regen Bonus

Reach legendary Technician status

Unlock the Damage Reduction Bonus

Reach legendary Guardian status

Unlock the Increased Damage Bonus

Reach legendary War Hero status

Unlock the Energy Regen Bonus

Reach legendary Endurance status

Execute Order 66

Defeat a Jedi hero by knocking them off the map in Battlefront 1

Shadows of the Empire

Take down an AT-AT with tow cables Battlefront 1

Republic Commando

Reach elite Frenzy status

Combat Engineer

Reach elite Regulator status

Ordnance Specialist

Reach elite Demolition status

Shadow Trooper

Reach elite Marksman status

ARF Trooper

Reach elite Gunslinger status

BARC Trooper

Reach elite Technician status

Shock Trooper

Reach elite Guardian status

ARC Trooper

Reach elite War Hero status

Nova Corps Marine

Reach elite Endurance status

The Cost of War

Complete the Clone Wars Campaign in Battlefront 1

Built on Hope

Complete the Galactic Civil War Campaign Battlefront 1

The War Left its Scars on All of Us

Complete the Battlefront 2 Campaign

Rebels! Blast ’em!

Reach veteran Frenzy status

Up Close and Personal

Reach veteran Regulator status

Next Up: Death Star

Reach veteran Demolition status

Don’t Become My Enemy

Reach veteran Marksman status

Sometimes I Amaze Even Myself

Reach veteran Gunslinger status

All Too Easy

Reach veteran Technician status

Someone Has to Save Our Skins

Reach veteran Guardian status

Never Tell Me the Odds

Reach veteran War Hero status

I’m Not Finished Yet, Sir

Reach veteran Endurance status


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