New VALORANT Agent – Agent 25, will release later this month

New VALORANT Agent – Agent 25, will release later this month


In the State of the Agents 2024 released today, Valve has confirmed more details about the next VALORANT Agent – Agent 25. Here’s all we know about the new VALORANT agent including release date, playstyle and more.

When does the new VALORANT Agent release?

The new VALORANT Agent will release sometime later this month – in March 2024. While the exact release date is not yet known, we can expect Riot Games to release more information soon.

VCT Masters Madrid is an eleven-day event featuring eight of the best teams from all over the world. The tournament includes two teams from each of the Americas, EMEA, Asia-Pacific as well as China regions. These teams qualified for VCT Masters Madrid through the Kickoff events in February and March 2024. 

What do we know about VALORANT Agent 25?

The developers have designed the new agent keeping in mind players who play solo or as a duo. While most controllers require excellent team coordination to be useful, Agent 25 is some one that might excel in individual situations as well.

Many of you love that, and these types of playstyles work really well in coordinated play. But with that said, many of you get into the game as a solo or duo. Maybe some of you have amazing aim like TenZ, but understand the strategic needs of the broader comp, which leads you to picking a Controller. You’re the people we thought about when creating A25.

Playing risky VALORANT with a controller is undoubtedly also going to have some downsides. This holds true if the controller takes an early fight and loses the fight. But as a player, you will have to make an impromptu assessment on whether the fight is worth the risk or not.

Y’all are some mischievous risk takers. You know how to play the map while always pursuing favorable fights. But when you jump into a wee fray, it’s inevitable you’ll lose the fight sometimes, and having the team’s Controller be the first or second one out in a round is normally a daft play and can greatly limit you and your team’s options.

Currently, the VCT Americas Kickoff is in full swing. With Madrid Masters scheduled for later this month, VALORANT fans can expect more information about the new agent during or after Masters Madrid. 

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