Pokemon Legends Z-A Revealed alongside new Pokemon TCG


February 27th, otherwise known as Pokemon Day did not disappoint this year. Here are all of the announcements!

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Pokemon Day Announcements 2024

Crossovers with the anime for Pokemon GO, Raikou was announced in a fantastically animated Pokemon Sleep trailer.
New Pokemon Masters EX content.
Miraidon, Falinx and Ceruledge will be coming to Pokemon Unite soon.

Probably most importantly,  there were trailers for 3 new Pokemon for Pokemon Unite and a 2 brand new Pokemon games.

The teased Pokemon Black and White remakes were nowhere to be seen. Instead, a new iteration of Legends game confirms this will be a new series instead of standalone spinoff. Pokemon Legends Z-A announced to end the presentation.

pokemon unite

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Pokemon Trading Card Game Pocket

The Pokemon Trading Card Game has already been a juggernaut in the industry, and already has competent simulators. Pokemon Trading Card Game Pocket aims to be a mobile only experience with added features such as diorama style animations. Players will get to jump into the higher rarity card animations.

What we know about Pokemon Legends Z-A

Kalos is back. The trailer largely focused around “confidential” urban development plans for the French inspired Kalos Region. Its central hub, Lumiose City, has a circular design and had its Eiffel tower equivalent as an omnipresent landmark.

Pokemon Day celebrates Pokemon’s past while looking to the future, evident in the presentation harking back to humble beginnings and new directions for the series. Scarlet and Violet‘s box art legendries follow this theming too, with Miraidon being the first of the 3 Unite Pokemon coming soon.

Pokemon Legends Arceus sent us to the past, it is likely that Z-A will take us back to the long gone past. It seems likely to be based on Kalos, or potentially even to the future. The long lost “Pokemon Z” that fans theorized would complete the trilogy approach to Pokemon’s formative years is now here.

While not much is known, the final seconds of the trailer showed us the Mega Evolution symbol, meaning that the titular mechanic of the first 3DS games will make its return.

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