5 Highest Paid Players On The 49ers Roster For 2024

5 Highest Paid Players On The 49ers Roster For 2024


The San Francisco 49ers have an interesting dynamic when it comes to their payroll. They have some of the highest paid players in the NFL at their respective positions, including Trent Williams and Deebo Samuel. But they also have the cheapest starting quarterback in the NFL in Brock Purdy, allowing for financial flexibility that not many contending teams have, and will look to use that to their advantage in the coming years.

The team is already cap-compliant thanks to early off-season moves and the league’s increase of the salary limit. There will be other moves and potentially some restructured contracts in the coming weeks, but the 49ers are setting themselves up to be legit players in free agency.

NFL: 5 Highest Paid Players On 49ers’ Roster For 2024 Off-Season

Which players on the team have the highest price tags? Here are the 5 most expensive players that are currently on the roster for San Francisco:

Trent Williams – LT

Cap hit: $31.5 million

Williams has long been one of the most dominant offensive linemen in the NFL, and kept his play at an elite level in his 13th season in the league in 2023. When the Packers predictably cut or trade David Bakhtiari, Williams will become the highest paid lineman overall, and is entering the fourth of a six-year deal.

Deebo Samuel – WR

Cap hit: $28.6 million

Samuel got paid after being named a First Team All-Pro member in 2021, but he has failed to produce such numbers over the past two seasons. But he is still a huge part of San Francisco’s offensive attack, is still one of the most explosive playmakers in the game.

His cap hit is currently scheduled to be the 5th highest among NFL wide receivers, but that will likely change to 4th when the Chargers eventually release Mike Williams.

Arik Armstead – DE

Cap hit: $28.3 million

They’ll get some cap relief from Armstead’s contract next off-season as it is set to expire in 2025, but he is currently slated to be the third-highest paid on the 49ers roster for the coming year. He had an off-year in 2022 due to injuries, and was forced to miss the final five games of the regular season in 2023, as well.

But Armstead was healthy in the playoffs, and notched 6 combined tackles to go along with a sack in the Super Bowl against the Chiefs.

Fred Warner – LB

Cap hit: $24.4 million

The highest paid player on the defense is the unit’s anchor, as Warner’s cap hit is set to rise from $9 million to $24 million for next season. He is one of the top linebackers in the NFL and deserves to be paid as such, but the team could get some cap relief if they ever choose to restructure his contract, whether it be this off-season or the next.

Warner is currently listed as the 6th highest earning linebacker for 2024.

George Kittle – TE

Cap hit: $21.9 million

There is no tight end in the league that is set to make more money than George Kittle this coming season. The second-highest earning, Mark Andrews, is set to make over $5 million less, one of the bigger gaps at any positional group in the NFL.

He is still highly productive, going over 1,000 yards receiving for the 3rd time in his career, but Kittle wasn’t much of a factor in the final two games of the playoffs. Against the Lions and Chiefs, he combined to catch just 4 passes for a total of 31 yards.


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