There’s a New Rainbow Six Game on Netflix, and It’s Adorable


In a collaboration, Ubisoft and Netflix Games have produced Rainbow Six: SMOL, an all-new and adorable game in the legendary series. It’s available exclusively on Netflix Games’ mobile platform, and it’s ready to download right now. It was revealed recently by Ubisoft with a trailer that showcases just how cute this top-down, isometric shooter is. It’s designed as a lighter take on the Rainbow Six universe, which has dominated the shooter space for more than twenty-five years.

In Ubisoft’s words, Rainbow Six: SMOL offers a ‘twisted yet delightfully cute version’ of the universe. It features a range of Rainbow Six: Siege Operators, all of which have been faithfully redesigned in the game’s superb artistic style.

It’s Time to Get SMOL

rainbow six smol

In Rainbow Six: SMOL, users are charged with controlling a team of Operators and leading them through objectives while using a series of unique abilities. It’s similar to Rainbow Six: Siege in that respect, but it’s only available on mobile devices. At present, gamers on the go are waiting patiently for the arrival of Rainbow Six Mobile, and until that launches, this game on the Netflix platform will satiate them perfectly.

There’s an intuitive control scheme that makes SMOL accessible to new players, and as a relatively diverse game, there are five different game modes to soak up. Ubisoft highlighted that ‘destruction is at the core of the experience’, stressing that ‘you can destroy pretty much everything in the game in a variety of different ways.’

Here’s the trailer for Rainbow Six: SMOL:

For the best description possible, here’s Ubisoft’s blurb from the game:

‘Rainbow Six: SMOL is a top-down rogue-lite mobile game that takes players to the cute version of Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six universe. As players progress through fast-paced, procedurally-generated missions filled with destructible environments, smart enemies, terrible traps and challenging objectives, they will free territories, reap benefits and recruit new Operators and Recruits to their cause.’

It’s available to download now on iOS and Android – but it’s exclusively available for Netflix subscribers.

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