Three LoL teams to watch heading into the LCS 2024 Spring Split


I see three teams teams that you should be focusing on in the upcoming 2024 LCS competitive season. With less then three weeks until opening day, let’s go over the teams you should definitely tune into.

LCS teams to watch out for 2024

Photo Credit: Reece Martinez/Riot Games

LCS teams to watch in 2024

FlyQuest – second time’s a charm

Last year, FlyQuest came up with what was a great roster but things ended up working terribly in the Summer Split, as the team closed in 9th place. While they haven’t gone with a fully stacked roster, the combination of names is intriguing to say the least.

Bwipo, Inspired, and Jensen make up a solid trio with great experience and carry potential. The question will now be on how Massu and Busio deliver at the start of the split, and whether they have room to improve. If everything works out well, we might be looking as the contenders for the title. Otherwise, FLY will probably be in the mid field.

Team Liquid – 2 Koreans out, 2 Koreans in

TL’s new lineup has brought back Impact after his stint on FLY, as well as the new import UmTi. Compared to Pyosik, I’m expecting UmTi to settle in more quickly due to his more supportive playstyle.

Now that Summit is no longer on the team, Team Liquid might fall back to playing to a traditional mid-bot carry duo, with Impact having situational games where he carries. I believe it will allow the team to have less volatility which will give them more chances to fight at the top of the standings. Excited to see what they can do, and prove whether they are the team that can fight C9 and NRG for the title.

100Thieves – Sniper’s debut

Sniper finally getting a chance to play in the LCS is a great moment for North America. The young talent has been praised for years for his mechanical prowess, and he now has the opportunity to prove it.

Having River will definitely be great considering the level the jungler had last year. I’m slightly more concerned about the rest of the roster but it’s not like last year’s roster did great so the recency bias will lower the expectations for 100T. Nevertheless, this is a lineup that will likely fight in the mid field unless they somehow find a way to have all the stars aligned.


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