Persona 3 Reload Trophy/Achievement Guide

Persona 3 Reload Trophy/Achievement Guide


Here is our Persona 3 Reload Trophy Guide. Learn how to get all Achievements/Trophies in P3R.

Persona 3 Reload is out and balances both the old and iconic with newer, slicker design choices that came after the release of the original. While we all weep for the lack of the special The Answer chapter and the Female Protagonist Route from Persona 3 Portable, it is still a great package and the definitive version of the base PlayStation 2 classic.

If you’ve been looking to get the most out of your Persona 3 Reload experience, we’ve compiled a list of all the Achievements/Trophies and instructions on how to get them all. Warning, this contains spoilers for the entirety or Persona 3 Reload.

Persona 3 Reload Trophy/Achievement Guide

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Image: Atlus/Sega

There are a total of 49 Trophies and Achievements in Persona 3 Reload. Here is a list of all of them, you should be able to 100% the game in one go.

Awakened Power

Obtain Orpheus in the intro.

SEES the Day

Officially join the Specialized Extracurricular Execution Squad.

Back on Track

Defeat the Priestess Arcana Shadow.

Empowered Emperor

Defeat the Emperor and Empress Arcana and save Fuuka.

Never Toy with Matters of the Heart

Defeat the Hierophant and Lovers Arcana.

Armor Disarmed

Defeat the Chariot and Justice Arcana.

Dodging Lightning

Defeat the Hermit Arcana.

Twist of Fate

Defeat Fortune and Strength Arcana.

A Sense of Finality

Defeat the Hanged Man Arcana.

The Great Seal

Seal Nyx and see this though.

From Shadows into Light

Have a chat with your friends and take a nap.

The Fool’s Journey

Obtain Major Arcanas 10 while using Shuffle Time.

Distinguished Visitor

Invite Elizabeth to your room and hang out.

Top of the Class

Finish an Exam while getting all questions right.

A Legacy of Friendships

Complete all the Social Links.

People Person

Begin all Social Links.

That Special Someone

Enter a relationship with someone.

Unbreakable Link

Complete a Social Link.

A Newfound Strength

Have all your teammates awaken their ultimate Personas.

The Power of Choice

Use Shuffle Time to obtain 10 Personas.

There’s No “I” in “Team”

Use the Shift ability in battle.

The Strength of Our Hearts

Perform the Theurgy skill of each teammate.

Rescue someone from Tartarus. (not Fuuka)

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Image: Atlus/Sega

Get a Load of Those Numbers!

Deal 999 damage in a single attack. (All-out attacks do not count).

Shrouded Assassin

Start Chance Encounters 50 times.

The Thrill of the Hunt

Hunt down and defeat a golden enemy in Tartarus.

Making the Dream Work

Perform All-Out Attacks 50 times.

Glimpse of the Depths

Discover and complete Monad doors 50 times.

Briefcase Burglar

Open treasure chests 50 times.

Shattered Plumes

Use Twilight Fragments 50 times.

The Horror of the Shade

Encounter the Dark Zone while exploring Tartarus.

Reaper Reaped

Defeat the Reaper which appears when hanging around on one of the floors in Tartarus for too long..

The First of Many

Perform a Dyad Fusion.

Fusion Artisan

Fuse 3 or more Personas to create a new one.

Birthday Present

Obtain an item after creating a Persona.

Path to Salvation

Fuse the Messiah Persona.

Tempting Fate

Triggered a skill change during fusion.

Eat Your Veggies, Peas!

Grow and harvest a crop with a teammate.

The Grindset Mindset

Earn 50,000 Yen in total by doing part-time jobs.


Max out one of your Social Stats

Peak Performance

Maxed out all of your Social Stats.

Dorm Life

Spent an evening hanging out with a teammate in the dorm.


Order from the secret menu in the Iwatodai strip mall during nighttime.

Persona 3 Reload Screenshot 105
Image: Atlus/Sega

Benevolent Purr-tector

Nursed the cat back to health.

In High Demand

Hang out with your friends and teammates after being invited 5 times.

Beyond the Darkness

Unlock the final Major Arcana.

Through Thick and Thin

Gain access to a teammate’s Combat Characteristics.

Eagle Eye

Find every Twilight Fragment in town.

Complete all Trophies/Achievements

This is all we have on Trophies and Achievements in Persona 3 Reload. For more on Atlus’ remake of the cult RPG, check out our other guides. Find out how to farm Gems, and what you need to know about the new voice cast.


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