Pep Guardiola Says He Is Better Than Journalists

Pep Guardiola Says He Is Better Than Journalists


Pep Guardiola left serious journalists all over the world seething on Tuesday with a statement in a post-match press conference after his Manchester City team beat Brentford. During the press conference, he emphasized his satisfaction with his role as a Premier League soccer manager compared to a journalist, stating, “I am a manager. My life is better than yours.”

Guardiola Upsets Journalists After Brentford Win

Pep Guardiola, the esteemed manager of Manchester City, recently made headlines with his candid remarks to journalists following his team’s narrow victory over Brentford. The champions edged out Brentford with a 1-0 win, thanks to a goal from Norwegian superstar Erling Haaland, bringing them within one point of league leaders Liverpool.

Guardiola was in a particularly truthful mood during the post-match press conference. He addressed the criticism directed towards Haaland, who had experienced a minor dip in form prior to the Brentford match. “When I was young, I was not a journalist but an old friend said to me ‘top scorers strikers score a lot of goals, don’t criticize, he will shut your mouth’,” Guardiola stated, defending his forward vehemently.

The City boss further elaborated on Haaland’s challenges, noting his recovery from a significant injury and a family tragedy. Guardiola expressed his unwavering confidence in Haaland, stating, “If I have to choose one player [to get a chance], I would choose this one.”

However, it was Guardiola’s response to a question from The Athletic’s Sam Lee that captured the most attention. When asked what’s wrong with being a journalist, Guardiola replied with a frank assertion: “I’m a manager, my life is better than yours, so that’s why I want to be a manager and I don’t want to be a journalist.”

He added, “The biggest compliments all the time are said to me, I would be against you, absolutely. It’s not personal, especially with you, Mr. Lee!”

This response came after Guardiola had previously stated his disinterest in a journalism career, emphasizing his commitment to management. His comments reflect the often tense relationship between football managers and the media, particularly in the high-pressure environment of the Premier League.

Social Media Divided

Guardiola’s blunt remarks have sparked various reactions, with some appreciating his candor while others critique his approach. His words underscore the intense scrutiny and pressure associated with managing a top-flight football team, especially one as high-profile as Manchester City.

Looking forward, Manchester City faces a busy schedule, including a pivotal Premier League clash with Bournemouth. Guardiola’s squad will aim to maintain their momentum in pursuit of another league title, while the manager himself will likely continue to navigate the complex relationship between the team and the media.


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