10 Famous Athletes Who’ve Dated Notable Supermodels

10 Famous Athletes Who've Dated Notable Supermodels


A life of grandeur and fame is a common thing for both athletes and supermodels. Even though they have different careers, they meet each other at big events and occasions. It is one of the reasons why some popular athletes usually end up dating supermodels. Well, the list is pretty long, and you will be astonished to know about those athletes. This article is all about when and how they dated notable supermodels.

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Everyone is curious about the personal lives of their favorite athletes, especially if they are unmarried. Their dating life is always a topic of interest for the fans. If you are also into knowing which athletes dated supermodels, you are in the right place. Let’s dig in to find them out.

Which Famous Athletes Dated Notable Supermodels?

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Athletes are like celebrities. Just like supermodels, they are also invited to different events so that more people would want to watch them. That is the most common way for them to meet notable supermodels. But there are other ways as well. Some also end up dating these supermodels over time. Here is a list you might be interested to read-

Floyd Mayweather Dated Shantel Jackson

If you are a boxing enthusiast, you might be familiar with Floyd Mayweather. He has played numerous tournaments and won many times. Besides his boring skills, he is also popular for dating different models and celebrities. His relationship with Shantel Jackson was the most significant. They looked really cute together and their fans were hyping up their relationship. However, he is now with Yasmini Mendeguia who is a model from Argentina.

Christiano Ronaldo Dated Irina Shayk

As a Christiano Ronaldo fan, you might be curious to know his dating history with a supermodel, Irina Shayk. Irina Shayk and Christiano Ronaldo gained much attention from their fans when they were dating. That is how their dating period still lingers in their fans’ hearts. This popular soccer player is now in a serious relationship with Georgina Rodriguez.

Derek Jeter Is Dating Hannah Davis

Derek Jeter has done a brilliant job in building his career in Baseball. As for dating life, he was considered a playboy. He dated multiple women and never settled until he met Hannah Davis. She is a gorgeous model who has excelled in modeling.

Derek Jeter’s relationship with Hannah Davis began like others. But eventually, they married each other after dating for a brief period. Everyone remembers the time when they were dating as they looked perfect for each other. Luckily, their love story is going well.

Matt Harvey Dated Anne Vyalitsyna

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Baseball fans know how outstanding a pitcher Matt Harvey was. His skills and performance made people love him more and more. His love life began to spark when he met Anne Vyalitsyna, a famous American Russian model. When their relationship got public, fans were sure that they would end up together. Unfortunately, they split up after eight months. The period of dating was short but worth remembering for all their fans. Overall, we can say that their relationship was a fruitful one.

Blake Griffin Dated Kendal Jenner

In the world of fashion and beauty, Kendal Jenner is notable. His ex-partner Blake Griffin is a renowned basketball player. Both of them have millions of fans across the world. Because of this, their dating era is still remembered by most people.

Blake Griffin and Kendal Jenner looked so good together in their dating period. Nevertheless, they didn’t end up being their better halves for the rest of their lives.

Tiger Woods Dated Elin Nordegren

Tiger Woods, apart from his brilliant golf skills, also gained attention when he was dating Elin Norfegren. She was also a successful model at that time. They married each other. However, things didn’t turn out as they had planned. So they got separated from each other after six years of marriage. It was a shock for both of their fans.

David Lee Dated Sabina Gadeki

Sabina Gadeki, a renowned model and actress, and David Lee’s relationship was amazing. During that time, both were doing excellent in their respective careers. Now, David Lee has retired from being a Basketball player. He is now in a happy marriage with Caroline Wozniacki, who is a former tennis player. They both are enjoying their retirement time these days.

Fabien Barthez Dated Linda Evangelista

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Soccer fans can never forget the contribution of Fabien Barthez to his team. Therefore he has a huge fan following. His dating life was also a part of the gossip among his fans. He dated Linda Evangelista, who is a famous Canadian supermodel. Her work was fantastic in all aspects, and everyone still appreciates the same.

Their relationship also didn’t work well. Now, Fabien Barthez is married to Aurelie Dupond.

Christian Karembeu Dated Adriana

Another popular soccer player who dated a supermodel is Christian Karembeu. Their relationship also seemed very beautiful to their fans. Everyone used to root for them during that period. But destiny had something else planned for both of them. So they didn’t end up being each others’ partners for their lives.

Chris Webber Dated Tyra Banks

You might remember Chris Webber if you know his NBA journey. He was a good player with excellent skills. About the dating part, he dated a notable supermodel Tyra Banks. Their relationship didn’t turn out as well as their fans had expected.

Final Opinions

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Athletes dating supermodels is indeed a prominent thing. Some of them eventually get married to each other, while others’ relationships don’t turn out well. Well, relationships indeed take effort, time, and patience. Still, some things turn out to be a hurdle and from the above list, you can understand the same.


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