Team Falcons’ Cr1t secures first LAN Victory since 2017 at BetBoom Dacha Dubai 2024


In a remarkable display of skills by the emerging powerhouse, Team Falcons has claimed their first major victory since the team’s debut, at the BetBoom Dacha Dubai 2024. This win is not just a testament to their prowess in Dota 2 esports but also marks a significant milestone for one of its key players, Andreas “Cr1t-” Nielsen, who secured his first LAN win since 2017.

Team Falcons wins BetBoom Dacha Dubai 2024 (Image credit: FISSURE)

Team Falcons wins BetBoom Dacha Dubai 2024

Despite being relatively new to the competitive scene, Team Falcons, boasting a lineup filled with seasoned players, demonstrated exceptional skills throughout the tournament. Their journey to the top, however, was not without its challenges.

The team’s performance in the early stages was barely sufficient to secure them a spot in the playoffs, but it was here that their true potential unfolded. Facing off against formidable Chinese teams, Team Falcons showcased their dominance by sweeping Xtreme Gaming 2-0 and edging out Azure Ray 2-1. For the unwary, Xtreme Gaming has Wang “Ame” Chunyu as their power-forward, a player who even the two-time world champion, Yatoro, holds in high regard.

Grand Finals against Team Liquid

Their momentum carried them through the Upper Bracket Final, where they secured a hard-fought 2-1 victory against BetBoom Team. Finally, the grand final saw Team Falcons pitted against the Western European powerhouse, Team Liquid, a team that had been gaining momentum throughout the lower bracket.

However, Team Falcons dominated the series, culminating in a decisive 3-0 victory that not only earned them the title but also a generous $400,000 in prize money. This victory has undoubtedly placed the new squad in the spotlight, marking them as a formidable opponent, going into the ESL Pro Tour (EPT).

Cr1t-‘s Remarkable Comeback

The victory at BetBoom Dacha Dubai 2024 holds particular significance for Cr1t-. Following his departure from Shopify Rebellion, the North American Dota 2 community felt the loss of one of its most celebrated NA players. Renowned for his prowess in the position-4 role, Cr1t- had encountered a phase of lackluster performance following his last LAN victory at The Manila Masters 2017.

This, followed by his beef with the eventual two-time champion, Team OG captain, Johan “N0tail” Sundstein, has certainly put Cr1t- in a rough spot.

Cr1t-‘s move to Team Falcons signaled a new chapter in his career, a sentiment he shared in his tweet announcing his commitment to reaching new heights with the team. His contribution to the team’s success in Dubai was a definitive answer to his critics, reaffirming his status as one of the best in the game.

A New Era for Team Falcons

Team Falcons’ entry into the Dota 2 scene in November 2023 was met with great anticipation, given the caliber of players making up its roster. Alongside Cr1t-, the team features Oliver “skiter” Lepko and Wu “Sneyking” Jingjun, both of whom are celebrated for their previous wins at the International 11 (TI11).

Stanislav “Malr1ne” Potorak and Ammar “ATF” Al-Assaf, known for their pub-stomping fame, complete the lineup, making Team Falcons a formidable force in the upcoming Dota 2 scene.

As such, their victory at BetBoom Dacha Dubai 2024 is more than just a win. It’s a declaration of the team’s debut on the global stage and a clear message that they are here to compete at the highest levels. With a blend of experience, talent, and a newfound synergy, Team Falcons’ future looks incredibly promising.

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