How to download Apex Legends Mobile?


Apex Legends Mobile is the mobile version of the immensely popular battle royale title by Electronic Arts. The game was first released on PC and console back in Feb. 2019 and drew instant attention due to its fast-paced and unique take on the BR experience. With its huge growth, EA decided to bring it to Android and iOS as well, with the game getting released on these platforms in 2022. But, how can you download Apex Legends Mobile in 2024?

How to download Apex Legends Mobile

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Can you download Apex Legends Mobile?

Unfortunately, Apex Legends Mobile is no more. Electronic Arts pulled the plug on the game in 2023, with the servers being taken down on May 1, 2023. This came along with a larger step away from mobile gaming by the leading game developer. Along with Apex Legends Mobile, EA halted development on the anticipated Battlefield Mobile as well.

The developer explained its decision behind this, stating that Apex Legends Mobile was falling short of EA’s bar for “quality, quantity, and cadence.” Another reason for the game’s demise could be its inability to compete with the likes of PUBG Mobile and Free Fire, the chief competitors in the mobile BR space. While Apex Legends Mobile was a great title, its initial release was filled with a lot of bugs and optimization issues, making it unable to attract audiences from rival titles.

Thus, when you Google “Apex Legends Mobile APK,” you will get plenty of results but don’t get the game from these untrustworthy third-party sites. Even if you download the APK, the servers are down for Apex Legends Mobile, making it useless. Thus, you can only play it if EA ever decides to bring it back.

Best alternatives to Apex Legends Mobile

Thus, the answer to whether you can download Apex Legends Mobile is no, however, there are plenty of other titles you can enjoy in the meantime. Here are three games for you to play:

Farlight 84 Mobile

Farlight 84

Image Credits: FARLIGHT

Undoubtedly, the game closest to Apex Legends Mobile on Android and iOS is Farlight 84. Just like Apex, it has several heroes to choose from and has unique features like charging up shields and infinite respawns in the early game. Thus, the game is kind of similar to Apex Legends Mobile.

While the game isn’t as popular as PUBG Mobile or Free Fire, it receives regular updates, is optimized, and is overall a fun title to play. The developer is also making a push for the game’s esports scene, ensuring a bright future for the title. You can read more about it in our Farlight 84 review.

PUBG Mobile

pubg mobile

Image Credits: Tencent

Next up on the list is the classic PUBG Mobile. The game can be credited with revolutionizing the mobile gaming space. Additionally, its success has undoubtedly played a part in convincing other major developers like EA and Activision to invest more in mobile gaming.

Now, the game has several modes and while it employs a more realistic approach to battle royale unlike Apex Legends Mobile, it’s still a highly competitive BR title to enjoy.

Free Fire

free fire

Image Credits: Garena

Free Fire is another great alternative to Apex Legends Mobile since you can’t download the latter anymore. The game offers quicker matches, lasting from 15 to 20 minutes, making it more friendly for mobile gamers. Additionally, the game size and required specifications are also low when compared to PUBG Mobile and Farlight 84.

Thus, these are the three alternatives to Apex Legends Mobile which you can download and enjoy.

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