Effectively Wild Episode 2123: Season Preview Series: Red Sox and Padres



Ben Lindbergh and Meg Rowley banter about former Mets GM Billy Eppler’s suspension for fabricating injuries, then Stat Blast (15:25) about players who amassed the most WAR for their secondary, tertiary, quaternary (etc.) teams, Hall of Famers who played with their hometown teams, and uniform numbers assigned to different players with the same surname on the same team. Then they preview the 2024 Boston Red Sox (33:13) with The Boston Globe’s Alex Speier and the 2024 San Diego Padres (1:16:44) with MLB.com’s AJ Cassavell.





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Audio intro: The Gagnés, “Effectively Wild Theme”
Audio interstitial 1: The Shirey Brothers, “Effectively Wild Theme”
Audio interstitial 2: Alex Ferrin, “Effectively Wild Theme”
Audio outro: Daniel Leckie, “Effectively Wild Theme”

Link to Eppler press release
Link to The Athletic on Eppler
Link to Stat Blast sheet 1
Link to Stat Blast sheet 2
Link to Stat Blast sheet 3
Link to Ryan Nelson’s Twitter
Link to Kenny Jackelen’s Twitter
Link to Red Sox offseason tracker
Link to Red Sox depth chart
Link to Alex’s Boston Globe archive
Link to Padres offseason tracker
Link to Padres depth chart
Link to AJ’s MLB.com archive
Link to Opening Day boycott

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