Luminosity announce themselves to the ALGS with a big victory

Luminosity announce themselves to the ALGS with a big victory


Luminosity Gaming are here to play.

Luminosity have silenced their doubters with a huge performance in the ALGS Pro League. They dropped a phenomenal 20 kill game on their way to a comfortable overall victory.

The roster had faced a lot of scepticism since their announcement. Both Slayr and Fuhhnq did not have significant top tier competitive experience before linking up with experienced IGL Sweetdreams.

Sweetdreams and Luminosity roster silence doubters

Sweetdreams is one of the most renowned IGLs in all of the ALGS. He has consistently performed strongly in competitive Apex with a variety of teams and in a range of metas. Yet, he headed into ALGS Year 4 with a major question mark above his ability after two poor LAN performances.

Today, he showed that he is still the same player that took NRG to a fantastic 2nd place at the Split One Playoffs. With two hungry controller teammates, Sweet is in his element once more.

Sweeetdreams (Photo EA/Joe Brady)

Sweeetdreams (Photo EA/Joe Brady)

Luminosity’s 20 kill game

The new Luminosity roster performed well across all six games today. They sat in first place after Storm Point, just ahead of Drop In Gaming in the leaderboard.

However, the standout aspect of their performance came in game five. Sweet, Fuhhnq and Slayer pieced together an incredible game, despite being contested at Lava Fissure. This was the first time in five match ups that SKRT and LG have taken a direct fight at Lava Fissure and they made light work of their opponents, forcing a lone survivor to run to Skyhook to reset for their team.

In tense end game scenarios, Sweet’s experience shines through. Luminosity navigated a chaotic end game outside of Thermal station. The roster was even able to reset from an overextension by their IGL, grabbing a key revive to get back on the front foot in the end game.

Quick thinking, split focus and fantastic fighting chemistry helped LG rack up a huge amount of kills. Perhaps even more crucially, this performance was so strong that SKRT opted not to even contest them in game six. This could signal the end of the Lava Fissure contest, which would be an even bigger boost to the team.

Sweet leaves setup mid game

Additionally, Sweet even left his set up mid end game to turn on a fan. The roster was clearly cooking so hard that some extra cooling just couldn’t wait.

Two things were especially effective in the teams performance today. Firstly was the dynamic between the three players. Fuhhnq and Slayr have been working on operating as a duo when needed. Communicating between themselves, and allowing the team to cover more space. In their game five endgame, this allowed Luminosity to control a huge amount of space, with players all shifting their focus as and when needed.

Secondly was Slayr’s impact on Catalyst. The use of the Dark Veil had been an issue in the early days of this team. It is a really hard ability to always use to full effect, and it can be make or break in a lot of situations.

Clearly lots of work had gone into their use of this ability during the week, and they found an extra level with their Catalyst utilisation today.

Luminosity are still in the early stages of their development as a team. But, all signs point to a team that has both the work ethic and natural ability to be a force both online and at LAN this year.

Luminosity lead day’s top five:

Luminosity – 72

Moist Esports – 63

FURIA – 49

Drop In Gaming – 48

Disguised – 47

Moist make a good start to life in North America

Moist will be pleased with their start to life in North America. Emtee, Wxltzy and Gild took second place on the day, in their first ALGS showing in North America.

Moist, like Luminosity, had to content with being contested for their preferred drops. They were able to see off Legacy (the former Luminosity roster) on Storm Point and will hope to lock that POI down moving forward.

What has been particularly impressive is how well the team has adapted to the region. DarkZero did have some teething issues when swapping, but Moist appear to be hitting the ground running.

Photo EA/Joe Brady

Photo EA/Joe Brady

Gild was particularly impressive today. He appears to be rediscovering the confidence that made him one of the most feared players in all of North America, and Moist will be hoping to build on this debut in the coming weeks.

The ALGS Pro League returns tomorrow, with groups B and C in action.

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