When victory opportunities are limited, it’s normal to make mistakes

Italian journalist feels "Charles Leclerc will likely renew his contract with Ferrari for 3 years"

Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz, the two leading drivers of Scuderia Ferrari, form a duo that emphasizes their harmony. Their ability to work together, both in races and in qualifying, has often been praised by Frederic Vasseur himself. However, when it comes to predicting who will come out on top in the next Formula One season, opinions can differ. In a recent article from the Italian daily newspaper La Gazzetta dello Sport, Felipe Massa, a former Ferrari driver, has expressed his viewpoint on this interesting dynamic within the Maranello team.

Felipe Massa: Ferrari Needs a More Competitive Car

Felipe Massa emphasized that the Maranello team’s current performance cannot be attributed to the drivers. “Ferrari has two excellent drivers who work very well together. What they need is simply a more competitive car to showcase their true potential in a title fight,” Felipe Massa stated. This observation underscores the importance of the single-seater in realizing a driver’s success.

Charles Leclerc: Felipe Massa’s Favorite

Between the two, Felipe Massa seems to lean towards Charles Leclerc as the stronger contender. “In 2023, Charles Leclerc proved to be an exceptional driver, especially in the second half of the season. His qualifying performances were impressive, often managing to maximize the car’s potential in a single lap,” Felipe Massa said. Despite acknowledging some mistakes made by Charles Leclerc, Felipe Massa attributes these errors to pressure and the scarcity of victory opportunities, suggesting that under more favorable conditions, the Monegasque could truly shine.

Pressure and Challenges at Ferrari

Felipe Massa’s comment highlights not only Charles Leclerc’s individual abilities but also the challenges that Ferrari drivers face in terms of pressure and expectations. “When under pressure and victory opportunities are limited, it’s natural to make mistakes. This is what we’ve seen with Leclerc, but his talent and qualifying skills are undeniable,” Felipe Massa concluded.

Charles Leclerc, Ferrari

Jan 15, 2024Scuderia Fans

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