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The Formula 1 2024 season is already on the way: cars’ unveilings have been held, pre-season winter tests in Bahrain have been completed, and the teams are primed for action, eagerly awaited by fans. However, thanks to Netflix, we can revisit the 2023 championship season through the lens of the recently released 6th season of Drive to Survive. As is customary, the season promises drama, acute-angle filming of situations, and plenty of Guenther Steiner. Let’s delve into the episodes and explore the captivating moments captured by the Netflix team.

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The 2023 Formula 1 World Championship season was notably bright. It showcased Max Verstappen’s brilliant victories, Red Bull’s dominance, and fierce competition for places in the Constructors’ Cup among other teams. Throughout the season, there were numerous ups and downs: Aston Martin’s impressive start to Ferrari’s podium returns and the ultimate loss to Mercedes in the WCC at the final Abu Dhabi race to Haas’s plummet to the bottom of the standings. The 6th season of Drive to Survive encapsulates many of these moments across its ten episodes, which were recently released. Most follow a similar narrative:

Teams facing challenges
Leaders under pressure
Drivers at risk of losing seats
Ultimately, overcoming obstacles together

Well, let’s explore.

Episode 1: Money Talks

This episode focuses on Aston Martin. Team owner Lawrence Stroll sets ambitious goals for 2023 to shake up the top four. With Fernando Alonso joining, expectations soar. Despite Lance Stroll’s injury before the season’s first Grand Prix, Aston Martin impresses in Bahrain, with Alonso securing 3rd place and Stroll 6th, demonstrating resilience and prowess. Netflix added charm to this story by showing this situation from all sides. Although Bahrain set a clear trajectory for the season, and the intrigue of the title fight was lost, it promised us bright fights between other drivers in the peloton, which continued throughout the season.

Episode 2: Fall from Grace

Episode two shifts the focus to Daniel Ricciardo and Nyck de Vries. Christian Horner’s disappointment over Ricciardo’s departure from Red Bull years ago contrasts with de Vries’s challenging start with Alpha Tauri. Red Bull’s philosophy demands victory, creating intense pressure on drivers. De Vries’s mid-season replacement by Ricciardo highlights Formula 1’s unforgiving nature, emphasising results over sentiment.

Episode 3: Under Pressure

McLaren takes centre stage in the third episode, striving to rebound from a disappointing previous season. Expectations run high with Zak Brown leading and young talent like Oscar Piastri joining. However, early races reveal McLaren’s unpreparedness, prompting introspection and strategic improvements. The episode’s climax was held at Silverstone, with Lando Norris finishing second and Piastri fourth, underscoring McLaren’s hard-earned triumph.

The episode is dedicated to the memory of Gil de Ferran, who died in 2023.

Episode 4: The Last Chapter

The fourth episode delves into the struggles of Haas and Williams. James Vowles’s transformative leadership at Williams contrasts with Guenther Steiner’s scepticism at Haas. Both teams navigate challenges, seeking stability and progress amidst adversity. Alexander Albon’s impressive performance in Canada symbolises Williams’s resurgence. At the same time, Haas can’t earn points for several races in a row.

Episode 5: Civil War

Episode five explores the strained relationship between Alpine drivers Esteban Ocon and Pierre Gasly. Despite childhood memories, their on-track clashes reveal underlying tensions. Alpine’s efforts to reconcile the drivers highlight the delicate balance between cooperation and rivalry, underscoring the team’s unity as a priority. If the drivers put their rivalry above the team’s interests, this enmity generates negativity, and cracks can reach the very top…

Episode 6. Leap of Fait

The sixth episode chronicles Lewis Hamilton’s enduring commitment to Mercedes amid waning competitiveness. Hamilton’s pursuit of an eighth title amidst team challenges reflects Mercedes’ relentless pursuit of excellence. Despite setbacks, Hamilton’s resilience and determination underscore his unwavering dedication to success. “My goal is to return to the top, and I want to become a champion again. But I get into the car, and I feel like it’s the twin of last year,” Hamilton says.

Our car doesn’t allow us to achieve our goals. The winning team combines several factors: the right people in the right place with the right attitude and values. Our main problem is the car’s efficiency; we are looking for optimisation options and trying to solve the problem.

Toto Wolff

Team Principal & CEO, Mercedes AMG Petronas

In Barcelona, the team brings updates and wants to show the effectiveness of improvements. Hamilton and George Russell finished in second and third place, respectively. Hamilton signs a new two-year contract with Mercedes.

Episode 7: C’est la Vie

Netflix once again draws viewers’ attention to the Alpine team. Against the background of disappointing results and friction between the drivers, the owners are putting severe pressure on management. All this leads to personnel changes. Bruno Famin took over for Otmar Szafnauer. It is enough to pay attention to the latter’s words during an interview in the paddock when Szafnauer said that he had no plan B.

Szafnauer’s abrupt leadership change underscores the team’s quest for unity amidst adversity. Pierre Gasly’s podium finish at Zandvoort symbolises Alpine’s resilience and collective spirit.

Episode 8. Forza Ferrari

The eighth episode celebrates Ferrari’s resurgence under new leadership, epitomising Italy’s passion for motorsport. Fans of the team will be most interested in this episode. Needless to say, in Italy, honouring your favourite team is almost a religious feeling. Tifosi monitors every step of the drivers and pays great attention to any changes in the team.

Fred Vasseur’s leadership rejuvenated Ferrari’s competitive spirit, culminating in a strategic victory in Singapore. Ferrari’s triumphs inspired renewed hope and determination within the team.

Episode 9: Three’s a Crowd

Alpha Tauri’s tumultuous season unfolds in the ninth episode as Yuki Tsunoda contends with changing teammates. Liam Lawson’s emergence as a promising talent amidst shifting dynamics highlights the challenges and opportunities in Formula 1’s competitive landscape.

With Tsunoda, we will have stability and continuity, and Ricciardo needs to hone his form and motivation, which he had during his time at Red Bull.

Christian Horner

Team Principal, Red Bull Racing Honda

Lawson got a chance to prove himself, but he had yet to drive an F1 car much, and then there was the Singapore Grand Prix. This stage takes work. But in qualifying, Lawson knocked Verstappen out of the Top 10. In the race, he made the first productive finish for the team and earned points. This is a massive achievement for a young driver. In Japan, Lawson came 11th. He overtook Tsunoda, but they still signed Ricciardo.

Episode 10. Red or Black

The end of last season was devoid of almost all intrigue. Long before the final Grand Prix, the Red Bull team took first place in the Constructors’ Cup, and Verstappen became the champion for the third time in a row. The main intrigue remained in the fight for second place—Ferrari or Mercedes. Everything had to be decided during the last stage of the season—the Grand Prix in Abu Dhabi.

But before the final race, the episode first takes us to Las Vegas! The circuit has brought its blacks to the racing calendar. In addition, she added spice—none of the drivers were familiar with the tracks, which greatly equalised the chances. According to the Grand Prix results, the gap between the two teams was only 4 points.

Everything is being transferred to Abu Dhabi. Netflix traditionally adds drama before the final show. But in the end, Mercedes beat Ferrari by 3 points more, becoming vice-champions in the Constructors’ Cup.

As a result of watching all Drive to Survive S06 episodes, there is a feeling that the 2023 season is filled with flat pressure and overcoming difficulties for each team. Each episode offers a glimpse into the relentless pursuit of excellence, underscoring Formula 1’s captivating blend of competition, drama, and human endeavour. As teams navigate the highs and lows of the sport, they embody the spirit of resilience and determination, enriching the Formula 1 narrative for fans worldwide.


Jastina has been a sincere fan of Formula 1 for a long time. Working at the media centre of the Russian GP since 2015, in 2018 she began her career as a sports journalist. Since then, she has been working at many motorsport events and projects. Jastina writes on various topics and interviews drivers. Also working in the field of mobile applications, she tries to be on-trend and has blogged on social networks.

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