The Only Teams With a Legit Chance of Landing LeBron James

The Only Teams With a Legit Chance of Landing LeBron James


There’s a case to be made that LeBron James is heading to one of four teams if he leaves the Lakers.

And before we break down which teams they are, let’s get one thing clear: this isn’t a report. It’s merely deducing LeBron’s most likely next team using logic. We’re simply following the bread crumbs here. So with that in mind, let’s get into it.

The first two teams are the Philadelphia 76ers and Oklahoma City Thunder. These are the only two legitimate contenders with enough cap space to be in the conversation.

While there has long been speculation about whether James would take less to play with his son Bronny, he has always been a businessman first and foremost. You don’t become a billionaire by taking heavily discounted paydays.

Having said that, the third team that does at least have a chance of landing LeBron is whoever drafts Bronny. Just don’t expect James to play for absolutely anyone.

You’d have to imagine LeBron and Rich Paul would wield all their power behind the scenes to scare some teams out of drafting Bronny. There’s just no way James is going to spend the final years of his career on a team like the Pistons, for example.


The final possible team is the Warriors. They made a “swing for the fences” play for LeBron at the trade deadline, and according to ESPN’s Zach Lowe, they’re unlikely to be done with their pursuit of King James.

They have bold owners with deep pockets who could get the deal done. There’s also potential appeal for LeBron, who would play alongside Steph Curry while also remaining in California and living just a short flight from LA.

There’s no way to be certain about where LeBron’s future lies, but these four teams are all worth keeping an eye on.

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