Sean McVay Explains Decision To Promote Chris Shula To Defensive Coordinator

Sean McVay Explains Decision To Promote Chris Shula To Defensive Coordinator


Los Angeles Rams head coach Sean McVay has gotten used to replacing members of his coaching staff in the offseason.

Since taking over head coaching duties for the Rams, McVay has seen key coordinators leave for other opportunities. This year, McVay saw former defensive coordinator Raheem Morris accept a head coaching job with the Atlanta Falcons.

With Morris gone, McVay pivoted and promoted Chris Shula to become the Rams’ new defensive coordinator. McVay went into great detail on why he went with Shula.

“Yeah, so I really think there was a great opportunity when you look at it, I think we had two tremendous in-house candidates when you look at Chris and (Defensive Backs Coach) Aubrey (Pleasant), both who are going to be instrumental in leading our team moving forward, particularly on the defensive side,” McVay said.

“Chris has been here all seven years. He has a great capacity for the game. I think it’s been helpful he’s coached on all three levels of the defense. He’s coached the outside linebackers, the inside backers. He’s worked with the safeties. He obviously comes from a pedigree. He’s passionate about the game. He has a great vision for what he wants to look like. He has great organizational skills, great ability to be able to collaborate.

“There were a lot of quality candidates, but I think just with his experience and his preparation and some of the different things that he’s done to really just be where his feet are planted, but also prepare for when an opportunity arises, you’re ready to attack it the right way. I’m excited for him and have a tremendous amount of confidence in him.”

Shula’s experience with the system and McVay made him a logical candidate for the Rams, though now he has to prove that he was worth the promotion when the 2024 season rolls around.

Sean McVay reveals why Chris Shula is good fit for Rams

McVay not only explained the rationale behind promoting Shula but also why he believes the two will be a good fit.

“Well, I think there are a lot of similarities. We both come from a football family. We’re both passionate about that and really, we’ve been close ever since we played football together at Miami of Ohio. Whether when we’re visiting in offseasons before we had worked together, there was just consistent core beliefs in some of the cultural things, leadership, just passion for the game whether that’s professional, whether that’s collegiately, whether that’s even some of the high school stuff.

“Just a great person. He’s a great friend, great husband, great father. He’s one of those guys that anybody that’s been around him, it’s hard not to love Chris Shula. He’s that guy that everybody feels like he’s their best friend because he’s so present when he’s with you. He’s so authentic. He’s so refreshingly secure in who he is and he’s been prepared for this opportunity. I’m excited because I think he’s surrounded by a bunch of other good coaches and I think he’s really ready to help these players be the best that they can be.”


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