Golf Canada Hole-In-One Report – End of 2023

Golf Canada Hole-In-One Report – End of 2023


My first ever hole-in-one happened November 2nd on the par 3 12th hole at Algonquin Golf Club in St. Andrews, New Brunswick. It was a little cool but lots of sun so not a bad day at all despite the temperature being close to 6 degrees celsius.

I played with Bob, we’re all members of Algonquin and I played with them throughout the season. The guy in the back with his hand raised is Dan Roe. In the front from left to right are; Bill Peppard, Dale Clarke, and me with the Montreal touque.

I play from the silver tees so it’s normally 132 yards. Because the hole is downhill, on this day it was playing between 115 and 120 yards with a slight breeze behind us. I used an 8 iron hoping to carry the front bunker.

Saw the trajectory of the ball and knew it was on line but none of us saw the ball land. Went to the green. It wasn’t in the front bunker or on the putting surface. I assumed it was over the green so went looking for it. Couldn’t find it so played another ball.

My playing partners had already finished up. They didn’t sink their putts but were close enough to pick up, so no one actually looked in the hole and we hadn’t taken the flag out. One of my playing partners, Dale Clarke, was standing close to the hole and was waiting for me to putt. He happened to look in the hole and said, “There’s a ball in the hole.” Turned out it was mine. If I had putted and had a “gimme” for my next one, we could have walked off the green without ever knowing my tee shot was actually in the hole. A nice surprise to say the least.

I’m not the best golfer so as an added bonus I broke 100 on the round and shot 96. I know, not a big deal for most golfers but it is for me. A good way to end the season.

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