Francis Ngannou has tense moment with Jon Jones on air: ‘You are f**king fat’

Francis Ngannou has tense moment with Jon Jones on air: 'You are f**king fat'


Ever since he ridiculed Tyson Fury on his boxing debut, Francis Ngannou has gained an impressive amount of confidence as he keeps navigating through his career away from the UFC. When he left, all UFC fans were stripped off their opportunity to see him fight Jon Jones in the Heavyweight division. Today, there seems to be no way in which the company joins forces with the PFL in order to have a unification fight. Jon Jones has been recovering from a tendon tear on his shoulder, which has opened up the Heavyweight division within the UFC. British interim Heavyweight champ Tom Aspinal is one of the potential opponents for Jones as soon as he returns.

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Ngannou mocks Jon Jones’ overweight on air

Jon Jones took a trip to visit the PFL event in Riyadh where Francis Ngannou would also attend with coach Mike Tyson. When Jones was talking to the press, he said he wanted to defeat Stipe Miocic in their postponed fight, Tom Aspinal, and also Francis Ngannou. The Cameroon star had a camera on him and as soon as Jones said that, Francis said: “In your dreams, you are fucking fat.” Although it is unclear whether Jon Jones heard what his rival said on air. Jon Jones also said he was rooting on his fellow MMA colleague in his boxing match against Anthony Joshua. He said: “I’m rooting for Francis to win, only because his story, how far he’s come in life, me being a fellow mixed martial artist. How could you not root for Francis? Francis is a wonderful stand-up person…but Anthony Joshua has been doing this since he was a young boy, and I’m the type of guy who gives respect where it’s due.”

He continued: “If I personally had to put my money on it, not that I gamble, I would put it on Anthony Joshua. But, I am rooting for Francis. I feel like there’s a lot of the fight that the world wants right now. The Tom Aspinall fight still that’s really massive, Francis Ngannou and I would be really massive, and Stipe. To the hardcore fans, it’s still a respectable opponent. I don’t know how the cards are going to fall, my prediction is I’d beat Stipe Miocic, my prediction is that I’d beat Tom Aspinall, and Francis Ngannou. So, the way that it unfolds is not really my business, my job is to do what I’ve always done since Day 1.”

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