Effectively Wild Episode 2129: Season Preview Series: Twins and Tigers



EWFIBen Lindbergh and Meg Rowley banter about the Boras Four behind the scenes, Hyun Jin Ryu’s salary-cap-skirting KBO contract, and a study on the effectiveness of complaining about umps, plus a Stat Blast (22:51) about an inaccurate, unkillable Greg Maddux fun fact and more musings (34:52) on transparent pants. Then they preview the 2024 Minnesota Twins (41:02) with The Athletic’s Aaron Gleeman, and the 2024 Detroit Tigers (1:12:50) with The Athletic’s Cody Stavenhagen.

Audio intro: Beatwriter, “Effectively Wild Theme”Audio interstitial 1: Davy Andrews, “Edouard Julien, Are You Gonna Rule Again?”Audio interstitial 2: The Gagnés, “Effectively Wild Theme”Audio outro: Nate Emerson, “Effectively Wild Theme”

Link to MLBTR on the Boras FourLink to article about BorasLink to Boras facilitiesLink to Ryu tweetLink to Ryu articleLink to MLBTR on Judge offerLink to Harper offer reportLink to Kovalchuk vetoLink to Yoo’s EW appearanceLink to umpire studyLink to EW on ump decision fatigueLink to Boone EW hypotheticalLink to Ryan’s Maddux fact threadLink to Maddux’s count splitsLink to Maddux Stat Blast dataLink to Maddux scouting reportsLink to Maddux 93 mph claimLink to MLB pants statementLink to Twins offseason trackerLink to Diamondbacks depth chartLink to Pohlad commentsLink to Aaron’s Athletic archiveLink to Gleeman and the GeekLink to Tigers offseason trackerLink to Tigers depth chartLink to Cody on engagementsLink to Cody’s Athletic archiveLink to Skubal fWAR leaderboardLink to article on MLB exec fashionLink to Turning the Corner

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