LeBron James Caught Liking Cosplay Streamer’s Photos

LeBron James Caught Liking Cosplay Streamer’s Photos


LeBron James appears to have been caught liking photos posted to social media by a cosplay streamer.

Oshun Guerra, who goes by @cubandavinci on TikTok and @DaFogell on X, posted several photos of herself with the caption, “This bou in my DMs say im prettttyyyy”.

Numerous fans around the league noticed that LeBron had liked the post and quickly screenshotted it.

It seems he has since unliked it.

LeBron fans on X wasted no time in abusing Guerra across social media. In a tweet she has since deleted, Guerra claimed she even recieved death threats.



This is not the first time LeBron has been accused of interacting with online models and female personalities.

In 2022, Instagram model Just Ghazal, claimed LeBron was one of many celebrities “creepin” on her Instagram.

There was also a lot of publicity about LeBron sliding into the DMs of Instagram model Heidi V. Hoback in 2017.

Of course, we’ll never know for sure what exactly has occured in each of these instances. But it’s fairly common knoweldge that many NBA players enjoy using their money and fame to attract women via social media.

LeBron has long cultivated a “family man” image and his fans will be desperately hoping that there’s nothing in it.

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