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Helldivers 2 Automaton Tips


In Helldivers 2, there are essentially two different types of enemies: the Automatons and the Terminids. Since they are completely different enemies, facing them will also involve different strategies. In this article, therefore, we will tell you how to deal with the Automatons, or the robotic enemies, that are present in the game. If you are having difficulty, therefore, you can very well take inspiration from this guide to get some useful advice.

Helldivers 2 Automaton Enemies

Automatons are more difficult to attack than Terminids, at least in general. Since these are robotic enemies, in fact, they have various weapons in their arsenal that can cause a lot of damage if you are not careful and do not know how to act. The first thing to do, therefore, is to make use of defensive Stratagems, without considering that you will also have to be equipped with Anti-Tank weapons in order to have an easier life. Let’s see, in detail, how to deal with all the Automatons present in Helldivers 2.

Troopers, Raiders, and Marauders

Troopers, Raiders, and Marauders are everywhere in bot missions. They can range from easy levels to really hard ones. The main thing that sets them apart is the weapons they carry. The most risky ones are those with grenade launchers. They move fast and often come charging at you first. They’re not too hard to defeat, though. You can use rifles, machine guns, or shotguns against them. Aim for their heads for the quickest takedown. Sometimes, one shot is all it takes.


Commissars are also in bot missions, like Troopers, Raiders, and Marauders. You can find them from easy to super hard levels. They move fast because they have jetpacks to fly around the map. They attack both up close and from far away. But they won’t bother you until the Troopers, Raiders, and Marauders are gone. So, you don’t have to worry about them until you have killed the others before.

helldivers 2 automatons

Scout Strider

Scout Striders show up in bot missions starting from Medium difficulty all the way up to the toughest Helldivers 2 difficulty. Scout Striders wear bulky armor and have a turret inside. They’re pretty fast and they will keep shooting at you without stopping. When facing them, find a hiding spot and use weapons that can pierce through armor. If you manage to sneak behind them, you will see the Automaton operating the turret. Their weak spot is the Automaton, but it’s easier to just take out their legs and stop them from moving. The Autocannon is great against them, especially if you find cover.


You will see Berserkers in bot missions starting at Medium difficulty. They’re easy to spot because they have two chainsaws for arms. Unlike most other Automatons, they don’t shoot at you all the time. Instead, they prefer getting up close for melee attacks. They’re a bit slow but often come in groups. To take them down, aim for their head or stomach. You can also shoot off their arms or legs, especially with a shotgun or armor-piercing weapon.


You can run into Devastators in bot missions, starting from the easiest levels up to the hardest. Sometimes, they have special missions marked by a white symbol on the map. Devastators are strong but not very fast. Their heads are the only part not covered by armor, so aim for headshots if you can. Even though they move slowly, they use different weapons, like lasers, to attack you. Some have heavy armor and carry shields, while others prefer explosives.

If you’re having trouble with armored Automatons, use shotguns or heavy weapons to slow them down or break their weapons. Against tougher ones, explosives and special attacks like Eagle Cluster Bombs or Barrages work well. Also, the Autocannon is great for taking them down. These Helldivers 2 enemies can be quite challenging to face, so be prepared and don’t rush too much.

helldivers 2 automatons


Hulks show up in bot missions of Medium difficulty. They’re big and scary because they can carry rapid-fire guns, grenade launchers, or flamethrowers. Hulks are fully covered in armor, so it’s hard to find a weak spot. But there’s one at their back. If you keep hitting it, it will get too hot and explode. However, the safest way to fight them is from a distance, or by attacking from the sides. If you have special attacks ready, like Orbital and Eagle Strikes with explosives, they can do a lot of damage. Combine this with the Autocannon for even more firepower against these tough enemies.


Tanks show up in bot missions from Medium difficulty to Helldive. They keep shooting in all directions, so if you want to get close, you will need cover. Before you start a bot mission, make sure you have a variety of Stratagems and weapons that work against armored enemies and can destroy buildings. Use Airstrikes, Barrages, and Orbital attacks to quickly deal with Tanks. If you’re in a team, have someone distract the Tank while others attack. It’s best if the distraction person wears heavy armor to absorb the Tank’s attacks while the rest of the team uses powerful attacks.


Dropships will show up in all bot missions in Helldivers 2. This happens from the easiest levels to the hardest. Dropships bring more enemies to your area, but they don’t attack you themselves. To stop them from releasing more enemies, use Anti-Tank Stratagems, Grenade Launchers, or the Spear if you’re at Level 20. Aim at the Dropships and destroy them before they drop off more enemies.


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