MLBTR Podcast: Jorge Soler, Veteran Catcher Signings and the Padres’ Payroll Crunch

MLBTR Podcast: The Broadcasting Landscape, Josh Hader and the Relief Market


The latest episode of the MLB Trade Rumors Podcast is now live on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and wherever you get your podcasts! Make sure you subscribe as well! You can also use the player at this link to listen, if you don’t use Spotify or Apple for podcasts.

This week, host Darragh McDonald is joined by Anthony Franco of MLB Trade Rumors to discuss…

Plus, we answer your questions, including…

Which teams do you think have a chance to exceed expectations this year like the Diamondbacks and Reds did last year? (26:00)
Matt Chapman to the Cubs for one year and $27MM plus a $30MM mutual option for 2025 with a $3MM buyout, who says no? (30:40)
Does Carlos Santana make the Twins better? (34:00)

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The podcast intro and outro song “So Long” is provided courtesy of the band Showoff.  Check out their Facebook page here!

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