Red Bull Launch Investigation into Allegations on Christian Horner

Red Bull Launch Investigation into Allegations on Christian Horner


Red Bull Launches Investigation into Allegations Against Christian Horner: What We Know

Red Bull’s Formula 1 team is under scrutiny as allegations of inappropriate behavior surface against team principal Christian Horner. Here’s a breakdown of the situation and what it means for the team as they gear up for the 2024 season.

1. Allegations Against Christian Horner:Red Bull has initiated an investigation into allegations of inappropriate behavior against Christian Horner, who has been at the helm of the team since its entry into F1 in 2005.

2. Horner’s Tenure and Achievements:Horner, 50, boasts an impressive track record, having led Red Bull to seven drivers’ titles and six constructors’ triumphs during his 19-year tenure.

3. Confirmation and Response:The investigation, spearheaded by an external specialist barrister, was confirmed by Red Bull’s Austrian parent company. Horner has vehemently denied the allegations. A source within the Red Bull team said the claims related to ‘incredibly controlling behaviour’. It is alleged that the behaviour was towards a female colleague.

4. The Investigation Process:Red Bull is treating the matter with utmost seriousness, ensuring a thorough and impartial investigation. Horner will continue in his roles during this period.

5. Impact on Red Bull Racing:With the launch of the 2024 car just around the corner, the team faces potential disruptions as they strive for continued success on the track.


The allegations against Christian Horner have sparked an investigation that could have implications for Red Bull Racing. As the team navigates through this challenging period, all eyes will be on how they manage the situation while maintaining their focus on the upcoming F1 season.

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