Jennifer Lopez suffered tragedy with her hair whilst performing on Saturday Night Live

Jennifer Lopez suffered tragedy with her hair whilst performing on Saturday Night Live


Jennifer Lopez is set to drop her latest album, titled This Is Me… Now but suffered a shocking malfunction with her hair as she teased the ninth studio release of her career whilst performing on Saturday Night Live.

She was joined on stage with the rappers Latto and Redman for a new version of Can’t Get Enough, the first single on her upcoming album and she wore a cropped black and white suit as she performed the track.

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But she was quickly found in disastrous conditions as a hair extension began causing her problems leading to her to tear them out on stage, whilst she continued to perform her dance moves showing great dedication and memory to her craft.

JLo’s SNL appearance

For her second song, she switched her outfit up and dropped the black and white suit for a vibrant flowery pink dress on her fourth appearance as a musical guest on Saturday Night Live.

It was the first time she’s been on the show in that capacity since 2010 but she did also serve as a host in 2019 on the highly popular late-night show that is usually hosted by Jacob Elordi on the NBC network.

Her album is scheduled to release on February 16 and she used the chance as a promotion to get some online attention circulating for marketing. She has described the album as a “musical experience” and follows up on her 2002 release titled This Is Me… Then.

Absence at the Grammys

Following their controversial and shocking argument at the 2023 Grammys, it’s not surprising that Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez, dubbed Bennifer, chose to skip the 2024 ceremony at the Arena in Los Angeles.

Affleck had looked far from pleased at having to attend the event, despite his wife being nominated, and social media quickly picked up on that suggestion.

The pair were even caught exchanging heated words with one another in front of the cameras as Lopez angrily turned to face away from her husband whilst he seemed quite annoyed about whatever was said.

So perhaps the pair skipping the ceremony was healthier for them and their marriage, but their non-attendance was also noted by watching fans.


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