Golf Business News – Toro enhances IntelliDash irrigation and fleet management platform

Golf Business News – Toro enhances IntelliDash irrigation and fleet management platform


Golf course superintendents can monitor, manage, track and maintain the health of their operations all in one place with the updated IntelliDash platform from Toro.

With just a glance, superintendents can view real-time operational data, including agronomic conditions, labor, asset location and equipment health. Additionally, course superintendents can use data to simplify course operations, improve efficiency and effectively allocate resources.

“The new updates we’ve introduced to the IntelliDash platform bring together key course elements to provide course managers and superintendents greater visibility to course health and unique access to equipment fleet and irrigation data,” says Norma Frotton, product marketing manager for the Toro golf irrigation business. “As the only provider of both golf course equipment and irrigation, Toro is uniquely positioned to supply this information to courses via a single dashboard — and we’re committed to ongoing enhancements that will evolve this critical platform.”

New PartnershipsFor agronomic conditions, IntelliDash will continue to integrate popular Toro products like Lynx Central Control, which aggregates essential irrigation information to better manage water and resources while maximizing course playability and aesthetics. New in 2024, Toro is introducing the IntelliDash Alliance. This alliance is built from key industry partnerships to maximize the IntelliDash single platform experience and include taskTracker, ezLocator, playbooks for golf, Perry Weather, Soil Scout, Pogo and GCSAA.

New Product FeaturesSince its launch in 2022, Toro has continuously developed and implemented new features to ensure the dashboard is a productive tool for superintendents and course managers. These updates include:

myTurf Pro Integration. From this February, active myTurf Pro customers will have access to the IntelliDash platform with their Pro subscription.

Toro Irrigation National Support Network (NSN) Package Integration. Active NSN subscribers will also have access to the IntelliDash platform. 

Geofencing (beta). Monitor digital boundaries and keep equipment within designated course areas, ensuring proper use of equipment while providing protection for off-limits or wet areas of the course that need special care.

Weather Averages. Calculates weather averages by combining multiple weather services for informed predictions. 

Weather Evapotranspiration Forecast. Plan ahead for water use adjustments with this forecast that estimates water loss from soil several days in advance.

Setup Wizard. Customize and integrate widgets to match user preferences.    

Language Options. Addition of eight languages. Options include English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Dutch, and Thai.

Announcements. ‘What’s new on Toro IntelliDash’ keeps users informed of the latest features and widgets to get the most from the platform.

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